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Abandon the Colony; Build the Future

By Chief Yuri

As Chief of the Utah chapter, I openly and consistently check in on all the Hammers in my chapter. This practice helps me understand my comrades’ current state of political development and gives them the opportunity to voice concerns, comments, and contradictions.

These check-ins, along with a coordinated development plan that includes chapter committees and chapter members, has exposed a pattern of particular contradictions that we can now sum up as a general collective contradiction. Colonized people in so-called Utah face a contradiction that I predict other chapters of Black Hammer Org may face at times, just like us.

My chapter check-ins first exposed me to this contradiction through a much more subtle realization. Comrades in the Utah chapter are secure in housing, food, and all of us have a stable income. We all have relationships with our relatives that provide a network of support in the event that something were to happen to us. At least, that’s how it may look at first.

Colonized people are subject to the colonial powers that have displaced, exploited, and indoctrinated us. Many of the comrades that are in the chapter face a common contradiction of hesitancy—even disunity—to take on material, local, chapter work. Many comrades are tied to their aspirations to sell out to the colony, and plug into the inner workings of the colony.

Many of the Utah hammers are students. Many live in their parents’ homes at low-rent or free of cost. Some comrades are here to get a degree and then get a good paying colonial job to support their family.

Many comrades struggle with garnering enthusiasm and zeal when doing revolutionary mass work, but are all too ready to watch Netflix for the day. The colony exhausts our people, exhausts us, and demands that we give in to self-care culture, spending money we don’t have, while our people are being slaughtered, starved, and left to choke on their own blood. 

Comrades in the Utah chapter, and the organization, must abandon their chains. Our jobs—our plantations—are not as important as liberation. Use your labor to build the organization, use your energy to build up the people, to serve the people, to lead the people. We cannot continue to have our foot in the door. Your family in your home country will either be liberated from colonialism, or they will live benefiting from your workings within colonialism. 

Some comrades are not students but do have their own contradictions that force them to believe they can achieve a “more stable” financial status. Colonialism forces us to live on a few crumbs as possible so we can work until we die for the benefit of a few rich white people. There is no path to financial security for colonized people under colonialism without a hefty payment in the form of betrayal of your people and all colonized nations.

We need to fight this tendency of colonial aspirations. The colony will fool our fellow comrades with promises of security and even luxury. Be ruthless and unrelenting in your criticisms of the comrades who may choose individualism, idealism, or colonial aspirations over our collective unity for liberation.

 Individualism, idealism, and colonial aspirations.

What are these things and why are they harmful?

Individualism is the colonizer’s favorite tool against us, it is the dumbass idea that the highest form of freedom is that of the individual. Too often I have seen people with such amazing potential for revolution give in to “self-care” and time off for problems that the entire collective is battling, problems we have organized against, and even have solutions for! Join the collective in fighting the root of the problem, not the symptoms.

Idealism comes in the form of making the demand for decolonization and a nation’s right to self determination that stops at discussion, theoretical struggle, and personal feelings. It abandons the material struggle that provides real life wins and collective power back into the hands of indigenous people. It makes decolonization a dead theory that only needs to be “correct” instead of developed, adapted, and struggled for in the real world.

Colonial aspirations are the desire to achieve a level of financial security and over abundance of wealth that the capitalist state promises if you just work hard to throw everyone else under the bus. Often this idea is accompanied with the comment that they would “use their wealth to give back to the community”. Funny enough they don’t understand that selling out to the colony changes your political position significantly. You won’t give back the resources you acquired because in order to acquire them you had to give up the part of you that wanted to fight for liberation.

Just ask sellout Jay Z who made millions investing in the prison system.

Utah comrades are being forced to choose a side: the colony or revolution. In fact, we are all being forced.

No more gray areas! Dedicate all parts of your life to enacting revolution and organizing the masses to the liberation of our people. The future is being built in the present moment. Black Hammer Organization is moments away from breaking ground for Hammer City. We are building a healthcare system, with hundreds of thousands of medical masks, herbal remedies and anti-colonial therapy. We have a system already in place to house any hammer at any time. We alone have distributed more free PPE than most governments. Our food distributions and free clothing programs are solidifying and expanding. We are growing our roots in nations around the world. 

Our people face a common enemy worldwide. Colonialism spares none. We are incarcerated in the european settler colonies and their homelands (USA, EU, Australia, Canada). We are bombed and sanctioned whenever we organize ourselves against colonial interests (Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Korea, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan). We are massacred and tortured for organizing our people to fight for self determination. We are forced to work for the colony, live for the colony, fight for the colony, and bow to the colony or face violent, brutal repression. 

Why continue to submit? Comrades, the way forward is simple…

Abandon the colony; build the future.

Black Hammer continues to build a sustainable future where no one lives at the expense of another. We continue to build revolutionary culture and political intelligence. Our organization continues to expand and develop the institutions that contend for power with white nationalist Colonialism, and will deal it the final deathblow. We bring the hammer down to smash colonialism, and we bring it back up to build our future.

The collective liberation of colonized people by destroying colonialism is one part of the struggle, the collective determination towards a better more sustainable future is the other part. Black Hammer Utah, a chapter of the Black Hammer Organization, must be willing to give precedence and priority to the mass work that will build the base of our future.

We cannot be revolutionaries that are half-won. Our people will see our true intentions in our work. Already, we have seen comrades who choose their colonial aspirations and leave the organization. This process of consolidation for our chapter is a step forward towards our greater goals for a disciplined and organized unit of revolutionaries and servants of the people.

My chapter does not need any more shaky liberal idealists with hearts won to the colony. We need dedicated Hammers who want to smash colonialism and build up our people.

Black Hammer Utah chapter sets up a table for their candlelight vigil
Black Hammer Utah chapter sets up a table for their candlelight vigil, in December

As we move into a new presidential era of intersectional imperialism and heightened political repression we must be ever vigilant to the policies laid out by our leadership. Protocols for COVID19 and security are important to our continued struggle for our people. We must heed the call to tighten our security and to actively practice defense culture. Discipline comes with practice, practice must come from a desire to be steeled. So desire it.

This struggle is a long and hard one. To abandon the colony is to face hardship. Nonetheless, we will face this struggle together, and nothing beats the collective brilliance of colonized people. The colony wants us all to hide our problems from each other and face them alone. Our unity can overturn any individual problem colonialism throws at us. We build dual power by putting our heads together and organizing a plan of action. Turning the disadvantage into advantage. We don’t wait for miracles; revolutionary science is our miracle. Feeding and clothing thousands of our own people, housing the houseless, building an entire city up from the ground, even as we face the colonial death machine. 

Our revolutionary ancestors were no different than us. They made the decision that we are making now. They abandoned the colony and began to build their future. We must let go of colonial aspirations, the idealism and the individualism that has poisoned the minds of some past comrades. Give the revolution all you got!

Take the next step towards liberation, give up the colony’s indoctrination of individualism and idealism. Stop looking for another way to make yourself richer (more financially stable) and start looking for ways to engage the people in our community. Stop skipping chapter meetings, start skipping work meetings. Stop going to school, start building our freedom school. Stop hiding colonial contradictions, start organizing to overturn them collectively. Stop being hesitant and start being revolutionary.

Abandon the colony; build the future.

Land Back!


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