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How to unbrainwash yourself in 6 steps

By Chief Kola

1) Be Mindful

Learn yourself, likes, and dislikes—body reactions to certain situations. Change in emotions throughout the day.

Learn of your triggers and reactions.

Study your behavior; does it align with the future you envision for yourself.

Evaluate your day. Does waking up at that time satisfy you? Would you like to wake up 30 minutes earlier? Ask yourself some questions. Reflect on all the knowledge you’ve gained. Whose bias was it taught from? Who does it serve? Does it serve you? Are you ready? Time to get honest with yourself. Digest the truth of colonialism, internalize the atrocity of it, reflect if your actions contribute

image of mental health book
“Black Women & Self care, thoughts on mental health, oppression and healing” by Naomi Moyer

2) Re-educating Yourself

Condition yourself to new information.

Be selective in what you give your attention to.

Try a weekend fast from what could be colonial propaganda (certain music, tv, video games) 

And if you read an hour a day, increase that to 2 hours next week.

Expand your library and dive into a book.

Change up your music and news. Listen to inspiring and motivating music throughout the day. Incorporate more documentaries and anticolonial history into your entertainment time

3) Get Active

Your most memorable experiences, those shaping moments in your life, what were you doing?

Get involved with a community; putting into action the new things you learned will further cement it in your beliefs.

4) Break Bad Habits and Build New Ones

Wake up an hour earlier than you usually do.

Test your will power by only watching one episode of your favorite show, then dedicating the rest of that time to reading a book or learning a new skill. Limit your social media time.

Be more proactive in your choices, habits, and routines. Your body gets used to a routine, whether you are aware or not. So consciously change your 8 am habit of being annoyed because sleep is over and a day of work is ahead to showing gratitude for the day ahead.

Use mind over matter to change your body. The more you are aware of the choices you are inactively making, the more disciplined you will be in confronting and converting them. Ask yourself, what am I doing? What do I want to do? How is what I’m doing advancing white power? How is this liberalism harmful to my colonized siblings? What new habit will benefit my colonized siblings?

5) Get Uncomfortable

Growth and change are uncomfortable. Stagnancy is comfortable. Stagnancy is also death. If you’re not growing and learning, you’re dying. 

If you want to do it and think it will be difficult, know in your mind that to struggle is to grow. Your body will do everything it can to keep you comfortable, even though your colonized conditioned mind is unhappy. Do not let the comfort, the pain of stagnation and predictability ruin your life. 

Force yourself to do something completely out of your element. Love to isolate? Socialize. Love to lounge around? Run for 30 minutes a day. Love to keep to yourself? Journal. Talk a lot, need constant stimulation? Sit in silence. Craving something you know is unhealthy? Don’t indulge. Distract with an action item, affirmation, journaling, exercise, anything else productive, something different from your old habit. Tweak your diet or change it altogether to suit your health better. Eat more produce, drink more water, wake up or go to sleep an hour earlier. 

graphic of zoom call, celebratory tone
Times are hard, and socializing may be even harder. Virtual meet ups are a great way to interact.

Push yourself to the limit because your limit is further than you know— Practice dictatorship by taking back control of your choices, your mind, your behaviors, your life.

Questions to ask to facilitate change

Why? Why am I doing this? What is the point? Who/what is my motivation?

Your current knowledge, whose bias was it taught from? Who does it serve? Does it serve you? How can you use it best to serve not only you but the people?

What am I doing? What do I want to do? How is what I’m doing advancing white power? How is this liberalism harmful to my colonized siblings? What new habit will benefit my colonized siblings?

What excuses do you make? What excuses are you tired of?

And again, why? Why are you doing this? What is your motivation? What is the why behind your why? Dig deep. You’re doing this to put an end to colonialism. Why? Because you feel the weight of the oppression and the depression of not having autonomy. Of not having self-determination. Of not having liberation. 

And? That shit sucks. 

You don’t think anyone deserves to feel like that. Why? Because deep down, you know all colonized people deserve dictatorship over their land, lives, and resources, and it is inhumane, unethical, and immoral to live at the expense of another.

Land Back!


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