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Stewards of Savagery II: Heidnik’s House of Horrors

By Black Hammer

The Black Hammer Times’ revolutionary writers have long exposed white power’s disrespect towards Colonized people’s bodies. The colonizer forces us into captivity, tests their vaccines on us, and even consumes the bodies of our ancestors. A common discovery amongst all of us in our mission of exposing colonialism is that its atrocities are endless. 

Among these atrocities is the story of the colonizer, millionaire evangelist and landlord, Gary Heidnik, and his all-around insane plan to create a harem and baby farm in his North Philadelphia home. He would carry on his german ancestors’ legacy by robbing African women of their self-rule and inventing completely inhumane ways of torturing their captive bodies.

On November 25, 1986, Josephina Rivera, an African sex worker, became Heidnik’s first victim. He picked her up under the guise of business, taking her to his townhome in the Tioga neighborhood of North Philadelphia. After their transaction, Heidnik choked her unconscious and dragged her to his basement, where she was then chained up using muffler clamps and super glue. 

Examples of chattel torture
Evidence of Belgian Atrocities and chattel torture

He began digging a pit, where she would be placed with a weighted board over her if she ever tried to escape or misbehave according to his terms. This draws parrallells to the box torture method during chattel slavery where, upon capture, Africans who attempted to gain their freedom by running away would be placed in a hole in the ground as punishment. 

One week later, Heidnik would capture his second victim, Sandra Lindsay, an African woman with mental differences and Heidnik’s former partner. Heidnik was angry over a previous relationship the two had where Sandra had aborted her pregnancy. Sandra and Josephina were now locked up together, half-naked being fed irregular meals consisting of dog food, hot dogs, water, and hot chocolate. The two were also beaten and raped constantly throughout their captivity. 

On December 23, Heidnik invited 19-year-old African Lisa Thomas over for wine. He drugged her glass and chained her up in the basement with the other two. January 2 of the next year, Deborah Dudley would meet the same fate. She proved to be extremely resilient, fighting numerous times with Heidnik. Unfortunately, she was beaten and thrown into the hole frequently as a result. On January 18th, he abducted another African woman, Jaquelyn Akins. 

Heidnik continued his pattern of torture, humiliation, and abuse of the five women. They were still forced to eat dog food and have sex to fulfill his sick colonizer fantasies. 

On February 7, 1987, for unclear reasons, Heidnik became enraged with his former partner, Sandra Lindsey. She was severely beaten and then chained to a beam going across the roof, leaving her hanging by one wrist, barely conscious. She remained chained to the roof for two days until she developed a fever and became unresponsive the next morning. 

Upon discovering her limp, hanging body, Heidnik proceeded to unshackle her, causing the back of her head to fall and hit the concrete on the basement floor. Now that she was clearly deceased, he dragged her corpse upstairs and dismembered her body with a power saw. He placed her head to boil in a pot on the stove and had her ribs in a roasting pan in his oven. He fed a few of her body parts to his dogs as well. Serving as a warning to the women that this could be them. 

Pigs came to investigate neighbors’ complaints of a bad smell coming from Heidnik’s home but left once he explained he had simply been “cooking a roast” and it had burned. 

As for the rest of the body… 

The rest of Sandra Lindsey’s body was ground up in a food processor and mixed with dog food. Then it was fed to the remaining captives in Heidnik’s basement, surely feeding one of Heidnik’s cannibalistic colonizer fetishes. 

Heidnik began playing mind games with the remaining captives, bribing the women to snitch on one another. Rivera, who had been captive the longest and therefore had developed Stockholm Syndrome, ended up unveiling the other captives’ escape plans. 

Heidnik deafened the other captives by piercing their eardrums repeatedly with screwdrivers. He would also subject them to electric torture by applying a live wire to their shackles. On March 19th Heidnik grew tired of Deborah Dudley’s continued resistance. He filled the pit in his basement with water and threw her into the pit. He then forced Rivera to apply a live wire to the water, killing Dudley instantly. The two then disposed of the body in some woods nearby and proceeded to kidnap another African woman, Agnes Adams, to replace Dudley. 

Some time into her captivity Rivera started to be granted special privileges. Occasionally being allowed to go upstairs to watch TV or given a more “comfortable” place to be raped. She was also occasionally allowed to run errands with Heidnik. 

Heidnik being escorted by fellow pigs
(Original Caption) Pittsburgh, PA.: Torture-murder suspect Gary Heidnik is led into courtroom here 6/14 for the second day of jury selection. Heidnik, 44, is accused of torture and murder in the basement of his Philadelphia home. The State Supreme Court chose to have the jury selected here, and the case heard in Philadelphia.

Heidnik, under the assumption Rivera had fully succumbed to Stockholm syndrome, granted her request to see her family for a short period. She immediately fled to her boyfriend’s home and called the pigs a short time after. Heidnik was captured at his home the same day, and the rest of the women were freed. He lost his insanity plea and was killed by the state a little over a decade later with two cups of black coffee and two slices of cheese pizza in his system. 

One would think that this plan of cultivating a farm composed of African women and babies is something only a mentally unstable and all-around psychopathic person could come up with. 

They would be correct in this assumption. 

However, insane does not equal unprecedented. 

The stories of the victims of Gary Heidnik eerily resemble the stories of millions of African women who suffered during the transatlantic slave trade and subsequent chattel slavery. They resemble the stories of the millions of African women who have suffered during the African continent’s colonial pillaging. Stories that we never hear. Stories that are tactfully buried by settler colonial governments. 

Transportation as torture
Transportation as torture

In 1808 the colonial united snakes’ government prohibited the import of slaves from the African continent. In colonial history class, we are told that the proponents of this ban were in it for humanitarian purposes when in reality, their motive was purely economic. Why continue financing kidnapping expeditions to the African continent when you’ve already stolen enough people to start breeding them on your own?

Although this practice already existed, as a result of this prohibition, breeding farms of African women became commonplace in the united snakes. On these breeding farms, rape and torture were a regularity. Colonizers viewed it as one of the hidden perks of their human property. 

I happen to be writing this from the stolen Algonquin and Piscataway land that we colloquially call the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia). Towards the end of chattel slavery, the land reffered to as Virginia – historically known for its tobacco production – saw its number one export become not cigarettes and dip cans but the bodies of African women and children. Maryland was number two in the export of these bodies. 

“Washington D.C.”, the capital city of the amerikkkan empire — a city with a majority African population— is sandwiched in between these two leading exporters of human bodies. The colonial federal buildings and “monuments” colonized people, and their oppressors walk and ride by every day on this land, were built from the labor of slaves who descended from these breeding farms. The colonizers and neo-colonialists who work in these buildings are tended to daily by these same descendants. 

There is no escape from the savagery of the colonizer. Not even death. 

No escape besides revolution. 

Black Hammer Organization is fighting for the liberation and escape from colonial violence for all Colonized people. We have a dedicated defense apparatus to keep our members and communities protected from the colonizer’s tactics. We are also building Hammer City, liberated land free from pigs, parasitic landlords, colonial viruses, and savage colonizers. If you feel a calling to fight for the land, labor, resources, and otherwise general self-determination for all Colonized people, join Black Hammer today. 

Land Back!

Use your writing talents to further the Liberation of all Colonized People by joining Black Hammer Times today! We are looking for journalists, reporters, poets, and more, so do not worry; there is a spot on our team for you.

You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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