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#Uganda: Presidential Candidate And Supporters Threatened While Settling Claims Of Election Fraud

By Comrade Yesenia

On January 14th, Bobi Wine, Uganda’s biggest pop star, lost the Ugandan presidential election against the now 6th-term dictator Yoweri Museveni. Following one of the most violent campaigns in Uganda’s history, Wine has disputed the election results. With a 52% voter turnout, Museveni led with 58% of the votes, while Wine obtained 34%.

Museveni has responded to the accusations of fraud beating Wine’s bodyguard, surrounding his home with soldiers and refusing to let him leave. This is nothing new; Museveni has killed off Wine’s bodyguard and supporters before. Museveni also claimed the election as “most cheating free,” although he banned social media 48-hours before the election in an attempt to suppress Wine’s movement of disorganized revolutionaries.

Chart of a drop in Uganda internet use before election
Ugandan government’s social media ban prompted sharp fall in internet use.

Yoweri Museveni has been in office, acting as a stooge for the u.s., since 1986

Why did Bobi Wine run for president? The musician, who came up from nothing, proclaimed: “I want my children to be free!”

Wine was a great contender for the election as he had secured an independent seat in the 2017 national assembly and has proven to put colonized people’s needs first. “We have certainly won the election and we’ve won it by far,” Wine told journalists.

Yet, Bobi Wine alone cannot unseat their country’s dictator and achieve all Ugandans’ liberation. Poor and working-class colonized people (the colonized proletariat) must personally achieve this struggle by leading themselves instead of depending upon symbolic figures of revolution (which, at some point in time, Museveni once symbolized).

The colonial empire wants us to believe that individuals make history because individuals like Museveni can be corrupted. They can be bought or bullied, or if they refuse to be puppets and are genuine revolutionaries, they can be killed. In reality, it’s the masses who are the heroes of history. When they decide to get organized, no force on Earth can stop them from doing what they believe is right. Organization goes beyond symbolism. It is permanent, and more powerful than any brute force the Empire can throw at it.

Bobi Wine parades though the streets through crowds of supporters

By our 4th principle of unity, we know that the true revolutionary leadership of Uganda are the most deprived, poor and working class of the country who have everything to gain and nothing to lose from liberation. Bobi Wine is mobilizing these masses against the stolen election and Musevini, who is constantly dividing and destroying their country, and now it’s time for that energy to become permanent. The well-being and liberation of poor and working class Ugandans are in their own hands, and it is up to them to get organized! 

We are our own leadership. We are the only ones who can achieve our goals of liberation by uniting the masses with each other, and with revolutionary organization. Salute to the masses in Uganda deciding their future beyond this election, here is to liberation!

Land Back!


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