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Hammer City vs. Segregation, the whipping class ain’t allowed here

By Chief Turey

If you haven’t heard, the Black Hammer Organization is weeks away from building Hammer City, a city with no cops, no rent, no ‘rona, and no white people. Yes, you heard us right—Hammer City won’t have a single white face in sight. A beautiful thing.

Hammer City says no to the colonizer who created Capitalism to fatten their wallet and turn colonized people into loot. It says yes to the end of Colonialism. After 600 years of being forced to assimilate into the colony, it is time for poor and working-class colonized people to have dictatorship over our lands, lives, labor, and resources. While segregation in the ghettos and reservations has kept us in chains, and white-led hippy communes like CHOP have failed; Black Hammer’spoor and working-class colonized leadership has provided another path, a revolutionary path. Hammer City is the way forward.

What is segregation?

Despite the white tears, and all their flimsy claims to the contrary,  Hammer City does not qualify as segregation. Like all evils under Colonialism, the colonizer has a monopoly over segregation.

Malcolm X defines segregation as foreign control over your land, labor, and resources. White neighborhoods aren’t segregated because white people run the schools, the banks, the businesses. It’s Black and Indigenous neighborhoods that are segregated because colonizers run their schools, their banks and own their homes., Colonialism dictates their life.

Hammer City vs. Segregation, the whipping class ain’t allowed here
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Colonizers don’t complain when we are corralled into ghettos, places where you will also never see a white face — but that is because, in the ghetto, white power can still ddictate our lives. . Returning land back to Indigenous people overturns this 600-year-old contradiction. . 

Indigenous people who protect 90% of the world’s biodiversity. Who have built cities that have withstood thousands of years of conflicts, and lived in harmony with the planet without exploiting it. 

So, it’s like Black Nationalism?

Check our 4 Principles of Unity. In Black Hammer, ALL poor and working class colonized people are equal. Not “separate, but equal”. Not “some are more equal than others”. Equal. All nations, languages, religions, mental and physical abilities, ages, body types, skin color, every last one of us is equal. PERIOD.

Black Hammer has membership from dozens of colonized nations all over the world with many more soon to come.Each and every one of them is welcome and equal in Hammer City. The Black Hammer organization is  a far more diverse and equal place to be than in racist amerikkka, or any of these white “leftist” cults. We can’t just say that we are unified, we must act like it, and Hammer City is the first seed of a world where no one lives at the expense of another.

Well, race is fake, so being white is not a real thing!

Race might not be real, but colonialism and being COLONIZED is. It is material. We can scientifically define it and it has consequences. If a thief steals my wallet, I don’t identify as being robbed, I’ve materially been robbed. If my landlord takes half my check every month, I don’t identify as broke, I’m materially broke. Race might not be real, but being a colonizer sure is.

We will not allow colonizers in Hammer City because our ancestors made that mistake with Columbus. In order to overturn material theft and genocide, we must materially learn how to build for ourselves.

We have already built up whole cities with our own hands — Tulsa, Rosewood, Chicago, hundreds of maroon cities in south amerikkka — all of them built for us, by us, until the colonizer forced their way in once again. We must wield that same power to pull ourselves out of the system that is murdering us and build a new system under our collective, revolutionary control.

This applies to colonizers, too! Black Hammer went and built a whole Reparations Corp, to collect the stolen resources we are owed, but also to teach white people how to follow our leadership. White people might not have consented to be born into Colonialism, but Colonialism drops bombs in their names every day. For those colonizers who want to wash the blood off their hands, we have given you a space to do so. It takes that balancing of forces to fully overturn Colonialism, Capitalism, Imperialism, and all the symptoms of these things.

The colonized proletariat, the ones whose labor and resources make everything in this world,outnumber the colonizer 8 to 1. We do not need them to change the world. We can only offer them a chance to be on the right side of history. They can unite with our leadership, they can help us build Hammer City, and they can deal with it.

Or they can be swept into the trashcan of history.

Land Back!


Use your writing talents to further the Liberation of all Colonized People by joining Black Hammer Times today! We are looking for journalists, reporters, poets, and more, so do not worry; there is a spot on our team for you.

You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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