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Guaido gets the Boot, e.u. Concedes Victory to Maduro

By Comrade Cheem

As the imperialist western nations continue to lose control over the Colonized Masses, the european union has recently announced that it will no longer recognize the neocolonial puppet juan guaido as Venezuelan president.

While the united snakes and its feeble old father, britain, continue to recognize guaido as “interim president”, the Colonized Nations of the world stand in solidarity with Nicholas Maduro and the Venezuelan people.  The Colonized Masses condemn the illegal coup backed by the colonial western powers which wanted to install guaido in the first place. 

Juan Guiado: u.s. puppet and sore loser

In an ironic twist, reports of this are coming from colonial news outlets who ran numerous headline articles trying to gain support for this neocolonial puppet. Now they are forced to recognize the Venezuelan People’s unity and strength as well as  the President the Venezuelan People choose. The President they put their faith in to continue the Bolivarian Revolution.  

Paying close attention to the wording of these articles, we clearly see the bias towards sellout dictators instead of democratically elected leaders. As the article has it, guaido was the “unifying figure leading protests to seek an end to Maduro’s rule” which they claim caused a “crisis that has brought mass emigration and hyperinflation”. 

The clear reality is that the Venezuelan people elected Nicholas Maduro back in 2016 as their President. The u.s. soon followed with an attempted coup against the democratic government to install their neocolonial regime, a typical sellout regime which routinely delivers famine, poverty, and suffering to the Colonized People. 

Their failed attempt at a coup in the past year, Operation Gideon to be exact, shows some of what the crumbling empire of white power is willing to resort to so they can destroy the dual contending power of Colonized Nations.

Operation Gideon was an unsuccessful attempt by dissidents and an amerikkkan private military company, Silvercorp USA, to invade Venezuela by sea and remove Maduro.

While Venezuela continues to plan for its success, the colonizers and neocolonial sellouts desperately attempt to counter the people’s revolution. However, as white power looks to mask the unity of Colonized People and attempts to delegitimize the Bolivarian Revolution, all Venezuela has been doing is stacking up wins for the Colonized Masses. 

Our Commitment To The People 

Our job as propagandists for the Black Hammer Times is to bring colonized people to the revolution through our propaganda by way of brutal honesty, a clear material analysis of the situation, and always being biased towards our Colonized working-class people. 

Never faltering in our political line, we work for revolution just like our Bolivarian siblings in the South. Black Hammer stands in unity with Nicholas Maduro, Venezuela, and all Colonized People. It is only through the unity of all Colonized people and nations that the root of all of our oppression—colonialism—can be overturned. So that’s exactly what we are building, Colonized unity through Colonized dual contending power.

All Colonized people will have dictatorship over their labor, land, lives, and resources. The days of the colonizer ruling our nations are coming to an end and the Venezuelan people are showing the Colonized Masses that we all can defeat our oppressor. It just takes Colonized Unity.

Land Back! 

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