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The Great Snake of maine Recognizes Muslim Holidays in Schools for the First Time Ever.

Lewiston, Maine—Muslim Holidays are now officially recognized by all schools in lewiston, maine on their official calendars from 2021 onward, local news reports.

Two generations of Africans from Somalia suffered a decade and a half of neglect, and it’s a snowflake on the tip of an iceberg of their problems.

Africans suffer colonial double standards in healthcare, housing, and education in the great snake of maine. So what do two days off for students really amount to?

Internal Colony of Somalians in maine

Africans are attacked constantly whether they are in Somalia or, in maine.

Colonialism abroad

In 2020, Africans from Somalia caught and died from coronavirus 20 times more often than occupying european migrants that makes up more than 90% of the population of Maine.

Africans working on the frontline as healthcare workers, and other essential jobs, were exposed to the virus. Poor and working-class Africans in maine live in very small and overcrowded housing which has made transmission very common and likely.

The landlords who extract huge rents from Colonized Africans are going broke during this pandemic. Colonized people see the writing on the wall (more evictions) and are desperately looking for solutions for housing.

One cause of these internal dynamics is the european ruling class led by governor janet mills. She has thrown millions of dollars at colonial hospitals to change their Standard Operating Policy of neglect. She also funded an attempt to educate the ignorant europeans of Colonized cultures through a grant. If you want to educate a colonizer send them to our Reparations Corps not this BS.

The problems of Somalians are the problems of Africans everywhere.

The problems of Somalian people are not unique and are ever present in Colonized Nations around the world, because we all have the same root cause ofall  our problems, Colonialism. 

Barack Obomber destroyed Somalia with drones and the story of anti-terrorism. The 44th president of the united snakes set up a white power base of operations known as the u.s. AFRICOM to attack Al Shabbob, who is strongly against the neocolonialism of nato, eu, and the united snakkkes has with the Continent’s nations.

The leader of the Somali Democratic Republic, president Mohamed Siad Barre, broke ties with the USSR and embraced u.s. aid and colonization through the International Manipulation Fund. The Somalian sellout “revolutionaries” sided with colonizers and created a rift among the poor and working masses leading to the civil war and refugee crisis.

Sellout Siad Barre

The Berlin Conference (Scramble for Africa) in 1893 led the british, Ethiopian, and italian attacks on Somalian people’s self-determination. This generated the poverty, war, and destruction of pre-colonial culture and the nation was left to be sold out by the united snakes.

A sign of hope for the Colonized poor and working class?

Black Hammer Organization recognizes that all these problems have their roots in Colonialism. That all Colonized People must have dictatorship over our labor, land, lives, and resources

Black Hammer members in the new english empire have been handing out PPE in any and all colonized hoods and barrios to curb the spread of the colonialvirus. All around the world, Black Hammer members have given out a quarter million pieces of PPE including Kn95 masks, sanitizer, disinfectant, and herbs to the Colonized Masses.

Hammers in yo Hood doing the work of the People

We know this isn’t going to save our people from colonialism, but will ensure survival until we are able to overturn the disease that plagues us all.

To ensure that Colonized poor and working people around the world get their humanity back, we must unite and take our Land Back!

Black Hammer Organization is building a city that has no rent, cops, coronavirus, or colonizers. This will be built by, and for, the colonized masses and will be led by a group of Indigenous people to this colonized continent known as Turtle Island or Abya-Yala. We will take back the land and provide schools, healthcare, and sustainable housing for all families, individuals, and communities to come and live communally like our ancestors did before colonialism.

Join Black Hammer Today!

Land Back!

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