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By Chief DK

On Wednesday, January 6th, 2021, a failure of epic proportions was witnessed by millions across amerikkka, as the “YT Civil War of 2021” broke out in Washington D.C. It was like a bloody turd was dropped; the smell of state pigs clashing with pepper spray soaked wannabe vikings filling the air.


The chaos began the day before. It looked like any typical Trump Rally would look, flying confederate flags, concealed illegal guns, and no sign of intelligent life anywhere. Multiple groups received permits for the 5th and 6th to host events with hundreds of thousands of participants to gather around the National Mall and near the White House, protesting how biden and kkkopmala harris “stole” the election. These trumpers must not have read Black Hammer’s COVID-19 safety guidelines.

It was reported that 6 arrests were made at the end of the day, one of which was after a trump-supporting thug was spotted illegally concealing a firearm. 


The following day, on January 6th, piglet donald trump spoke at the Ellipse during his “Save America Rally” to interrupt the official transition of biden and harris into office. Many supporters waited all night to be first in line for the circus, but little did they know that they would become a part of the act.

We don’t use the word “circus” lightly. (Photo by Daniel SLIM / AFP) (Photo by DANIEL SLIM/AFP via Getty Images)

During a speech, trump tells the crowds to “fight like hell” and to “walk down on Pennsylvania Avenue” that “we’re going to the Capitol”.

At one point, trump jr. says to his daddy’s haters “We’re coming for you.”

Not quite the historic speech the soon-to-be rioters expected, but alas, they mobilized. These sad pigs hobbled down to Capital Hill, where they were confronted by the kkkops, their own spitting image of bigotry, violence, and racism, dressed in a uniform. With weak resistance, the kkkops clashed with trumps piglets. How weak? They actively let the rioters through the gate.

A man wearing what looked like a discount viking costume was seen at the Capitol Building screaming as if he were on the path to walmart’s version of valhalla. 


The riot went on for hours, with casualties on both sides. Many kkkops sympathized with their fellow protesting colonizers by taking selfies with them. The trumpsters toppled through fencing, armed themselves with stolen pepper spray and riot shields and even killed a Capitol kkkop by bashing him with a fire extinguisher. One trump supporter died from being trampled, and one man had a stroke. They should have skipped the extra serving of Hamburger Helper.

Colonizer fatalities during Civil War
Colonizer fatalities during Civil War

It was reported on many accounts that a trump supporter was carrying a taser in his crotch, attempting to steal a painting when he tased his own testicles so badly that it sent him into cardiac arrest, dying on the scene. His family neither confirmed nor denied this report. Lastly, what would an amerikkkan police presence be without shooting someone dead? As protestors break into a window at the Capitol, a yt woman steps inside and is shot dead.

All of this mess, and for what? So that these colonizers can play out their own little action movie, put their feet up on demokkkrat nancy pelosi’s desk? 

At Black Hammer, we organize as revolutionary scientists on providing PPE, food, clothing, toys, and education to build Dual Contending power with this sad regime.


Pictured: QAnon conspiracy influencer, ‘Q Shaman’, who was arrested three days after the riot.

After the pigs in uniform finally told their “little brother” enough is enough, trump supporters packed it up and went home. That’s right; they just went home like nothing happened. trump’s Twitter fingers were still fighting the good fight, sending morale to the rioters by praising them as “great patriots” and telling them to “go home in peace”. As if their leader couldn’t take anymore L’s, donald trump was permanently banned on Twitter and literally every other social media platform.

While the riot effectively ended as soon as a curfew went into place at 6 pm, the fallout of these riots is clear. The left-wing white nationalists took to Twitter, demanding to know why there wasn’t MORE tear gas used in d.c., why MORE pigs weren’t present to crack skulls. Liberal colonizers were in a fit, as they usually are, that their colonial government did not invest additional billions into its war machine.

Poor and working-class colonized people should not be clamoring alongside these liberal colonizers for a better-organized Colonialism. As history teaches us, as soon as the pigs get access to more tear gas, more bullets, more tanks, hell, even more, “less lethal” weapons, they will be turned against us — not the white nationalist right-wing.

We should be celebrating the coming Civil War between these two camps of Colonialism. We should condemn any individuals, colonized or not, who invite poor and working-class colonized people to throw their bodies in the middle of this class. This is not our fight. We say let our enemies fight amongst themselves as the empire continues to crumble.

Black Hammer extends these demands to colonizers, too! If you were involved in the d.c. riots and don’t want to get your butt mollywhopped by pigs, our organization does not approve or support this Rambo foolishness. If you are a Twitter colonizer liberal and are tired of Colonialism being spread in your name, act like it! Join our Reparations Corps and actually help build a world where no one lives at the expense of another.

Land Back!

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