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Aid Abroad Isn’t Without the Expense of Colonized Lives

By Comrade Double Gi

In the latest attempt to divide colonized people, the united snakes passed a 1.4 trillion dollar omnibus spending bill—what most people know as the “stimulus” bill. As poor and working-class colonized people force ends to meet even with these recent 600$ stimulus checks, the united snakes is using the same bill to give more than 20 billion dollars to deport indigenous people, 2 billion to expand its missile programs, and billions in international war efforts.

These war funds come in addition to the $740 billion defense bill passed earlier in December. Once you actually read through the bill, it exposes the priorities of Colonialism; war, weapons, and regime change abroad. The united snakes isn’t looking to help colonized people, they are concealing their real colonial agendas in cash.

History reminds us that whenever the united snakes gives out money in the name of “spreading freedom”, it is always to take our lives, not to save them. On top of the explicit funds for warfare, the bill includes more decieptful tactics.

Hidden within the “democracy programs” written into the spending bill is a deep rooted anti-China, and anti-DPRK propaganda scheme. This bipartisan support for a new cold war with China has been long in the making.

This foreign aid is nothing but a way for the united snakes to have their will done by colonized people rather than doing it themselves.

For example, $85.5 million in assistance to Cambodia is contingent on it “taking effective steps” to enforce “international sanctions with respect to North Korea,” and “assert[ing] its sovereignty against interference by the People’s Republic of China.” 

What is amerikkka’s problem with DPRK, and China?

Zhou Enlai and Kim Il Sung in Beijing
Zhou Enlai and Kim Il Sung in Beijing

Amerikkka has accused China of “flagrant violation” of its obligation to enforce international sanctions on North Korea, and offered rewards of up to $5 million for information about sanctions evasions. A sanction is also known as a threat or penalty, and u.s. sanctions kill millions of poor and working class people every year.

I urge you to ask yourself, what’s the united snakes end game?

Back in 2019, tens of thousands of North Koreans had jobs outside of their home country, including in Cambodia, and China. When sanctions were imposed, these workers were forced to be sent home. What little opportunities these citizens had to secure resources outside of amerikkka’s back-breaking sanctions was snatched away.

Now the united snakes is trying to wave money in Cambodia’s face, camouflaging anti-China, and anti-DPRK politics inside a 5000 page document. Do not be fooled by their “democratic” agendas, this is a direct attack on colonized nations to divide and conquer us.

Cambodian people walk out of the North Korean-built Angkor Panorama Museum in Cambodia's Siem Reap province in a file photo.
Cambodian people walk out of the North Korean-built Angkor Panorama Museum in Cambodia’s Siem Reap province in a file photo.

After 600 years divided under a Colonial regime, it is clear Colonized people will continue to suffer if we stay disunited. Whether we are in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, China, or in the very heart of amerikkka, poor and working class colonized people must remain united against Colonialism.

Black hammer’s 1st Principle of Unity states, “We believe the Colonized Proletariat should have dictatorship over our lives, labor, land, and resources.” Dictatorship means full control of our lands, lives, and resources, not just $600 in crumbs! No price is worth turning against our anti-colonial siblings in Asia, or anywhere on Earth! The most recent acts of economic violence and divisions of colonized people must end!

This is why we are building Hammer city, a place where only we, as colonized working-class people, have full dictatorship over our future! No rent, or struggling to put food on the table, no coronavirus, no pigs! Our colonized siblings won’t be stripped of their jobs, their homes, or their land; and we won’t be satisfied with a $600 check dangled above our heads. We’re coming for everything!  

We will never dismantle colonialism if we attack other colonized nations. The united snakes is willing to put our people on the front lines of genocide. They do not value our lives above their capitalistic, imperialistic, colonizer plunder.

Here in Black Hammer, we say colonized people must prepare, we must take back the power that is rightfully ours!

Land Back!

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