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China is Based, Condemns Banker to Death like a Boss.

By Chief Tureyel

Beijing, China—The Chinese Communist Party officially sentenced Lai Xiaomin, China’s most corrupt head banker, to death for the crime of accepting 277 million dollars in bribes. Lai Xiaomin was formerly the chairman of China Huarong Asset Management, one of China’s largest state-controlled asset management firms. For such an extreme case of corruption, the CCP has skipped the typical sentencing of life imprisonment for the rarer sentence of lethal injection.

China Huarong Asset Management
China Huarong Asset Management

In a televised confession last January, much of Lai’s stolen loot was made public, including safes stuffed full of cash in one of his alleged Beijing apartments and luxury cars and gold bars he accepted as bribes. The arrest brought an end to one of China’s toughest cases in its ongoing anti-corruption campaign started by President Xi Jinping. 

Not to lose steam in the campaign, the CCP has also launched an attack against China’s wealthiest billioanires, Jack Ma. There are talks to nationalize Alibaba, which is the closest thing that Amazon has to a global competitor and rival.

In recent years, the Chinese public has moved away from Jack Ma’s celebrity worship and began to understand that China’s second wealthiest man is nothing more than a “bloodsucking ghost”. It is a sign of political maturity for a nation to understand that a colonized individual does not become so absurdly wealthy without selling out his nation, its people, its infrastructure, and its future.

The CCP, in carrying out these anti-corruption campaigns against Chinese sellouts, is upholding Black Hammer’s 3rd principle of unity, exposing colonialism and neocolonial sellouts as the root cause of all of our problems. For every one of the sins of a Jack Ma or a Lai Xiaomin, billions of poor and working-class colonized people are kept chained by colonial oppression.

Lai Xiaomin
Lai Xiaomin

Contrast this justice in amerikkka, where the white ruling class looted 1 trillion dollars during the covid-19 crisis in 2020. While over 300,000 people, most of them colonized (people of color), were dying from the virus, white billionaires proved themselves to be a virus all their own. Amerikkka has 644 billionaires, and not a single one of them saw justice for plundering our people, on whose backs their stolen wealth is built.

Instead of coming after these parasites, the amerikkkan government revealed a newly awakened bloodlust for murdering colonized people through federal executions. Of the 10 people executed by the federal government in 2020, half were poor and working-class Colonized people, often with mental differences. Three more executions are scheduled before the end of donald trump’s presidency, two of the people being working-class 

Black men.

Brandon Bernard
While China executes corrupt business people who steal from the people, amerikkka is busy murdering poor and working-class Colonized folx

And why? Because the amerikkkan government is a servant of the white ruling class, a tool to enforce their dictatorship. The stark difference of the relationship to the colonial and neocolonial classes between China and amerikkka should remove any doubt held towards the CPC. China is an anti-colonial leader among the world’s Colonized Nations, and that is a fact.

Black Hammer salutes the CCP and their anti-corruption campaign. May it serve as a lesson to any potential sellouts who so much as think about keeping poor and working-class colonized people in chains!

Land Back!



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