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5 ways Social Media is building the Revolution

By Chief Sante

Scrolling endlessly, you pause for a quick 5 seconds to watch, and look! It’s somebody’s cat doing a trick, oh isn’t that cute? For hours on end, we tap, punch, flick and grovel at our phones, satiating ourselves with ads and consumerism. We’ve fallen prey to more than just a habit, but an addiction. Controlled by an algorithm of a simple but complex group of numbers, all carefully designed and artificially developing itself to become your personalized love toy.

That is the impact of social media on our lives. But that isn’t the extent of what we can accomplish with it.

The world is sitting right at our lap: 3.8 billion people that use social media today are waiting to hear some revolutionary news. They wanna see a mass organization of poor and working-class colonized people building the revolution through an Instagram post, or a TikTok sketch.

Here are 5 ways Black Hammer’s social media committee is building the revolution.

1. Daily political education!

There are over 2 billion active users at any given time. It’s our job as revolutionaries to consistently propagate and raise the level of the masses’ conscience to anti-colonial revolution. Black Hammer’s Instagram page puts out daily news of events around the world as well as celeb gossip with an anti-colonial spin to it!

We realize it’s important to constantly give political education to the people and have an alternative to whatever bourgeois news outlet you read! OR even if you’re liking posts from @theshaderoom, you can see past their political biases and make your own conclusions ?

2. It builds the confidence of colonized people!

Despite the media trying to force their own colonial notions of beauty on us, we build our own platform and set our own standards of what beauty is. We have our crush series to feature not only sex workers but also revolutionaries of our own time, who are selflessly dedicating their time to build power and grow the ranks of our revolution.


3. A place to make demands!

The colonized masses rising up to overturn centuries of oppression and genocide is not only inevitable, but something that we’re watching unfold in real-time. Through our heightened use of online presence and consuming mass amounts of information every day, we are informed about the world around us. As revolutionary propagandists, we must see every opportunity to push our agenda, our demands, and our fight to the frontlines.

Web page for the Zapatistas, the first revolutionary organization to broadcast it’s message using the internet.

Never has there been a time where individuals were able to say I think “this” and have 50 thousand people say they agree by liking or retweeting it. What it shows us, is strength in numbers.

4. We control Social media, it doesn’t control us!

Social media has no power over you. Despite what our algorithms can calculate about our behaviors, or likes, and dislikes, it can’t physically force you to tweet or post something against your will or beliefs. It is only a tool that the colonizer uses to propagate and sell more products. And white power’s tool in the hands of a revolutionary is only more dangerous for the enemy than it is for us.

5. Collecting Reparations!

Postering costs money that many colonized people don’t have but with social media, we can get our word out there WHILE collecting donations/reparations! This is an absolute game-changer: now we can be propagandists from the comfort of our own homes. Our Reparations Corps is yet another innovation in gaining reparations from colonizers; from teaching them their role in the revolution to returning the resources they’ve stolen from colonized nations abroad. Getting people in is as simple as going into some Twitter thread or FB comments.

Though social media was intended to rot our brains and convince us to buy into the individualistic consumer lifestyle, colonized people have once again shown their resilience in overturning and struggling with the many contradictions they face daily. It is with the same resilience that we continue to fight for liberation and organize our people to smash white power once and for all. 

Join Black Hammer’s Social Media Committee today and use the tool our oppressor thinks controls us to gain liberation for all Colonized and Indigenous people from the root of all of our problems—colonialism.

Land Back!

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