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White leftists need to stop dying and instead pay reparations

By Comrade Cheem

D.C.—As the material condition of colonized people around the world continues to worsen, colonizer “leftists” continue to roam the streets in pursuit of dangerous activities to rile up their right-wing counterparts. Under the banner of “antifascism” or “anarchism”, these rioters have been clashing with MAGA colonizers since last Summer, when the George Floyd rebellions began. However, just like with all clashes between the left- and right-wings of white nationalism, it is poor and working-class colonized people who end up in the middle.

Last year saw countless such white-on-white street fights, particularly on the west coast of the united snakes. However, the DC area, amerikkka’s capitol, is becoming more of a colonizer battleground than ever. Not even a month before the most recent clashes of white violence at the Capitol building on Wednesday, January 6th, DC saw another riot on December 12th, in which four colonizer “leftists” were stabbed. 

Police declare peaceful protest, a riot after antifa and alt-right groups clash in downtown Olympia Dec. 12, 2020 ( The Olympian via AP)

As is typical for this colonizer infighting, countless arrests were made. This means yet another need for crowdfunding to bail out the colonizer rioters. The influx of bail donations over the summer was a complete waste of resources as many of these protests saw, of course, colonizer leftists again using up the resources of colonized individuals while getting nothing accomplished.

The white “leftists” got a small taste of what colonized folks face on a daily basis; after being asked to disperse, they were prevented from doing so by the same pigs that gave the order in the first place. This type of brutality is one that has been seen from pigs all summer long; of course, the pigs are rewarded as opposed to punished for their actions, especially when it comes to colonized people. 

The Proud Boys, the pigs, and white “anti-fascists” might see differences amongst themselves, but to poor and working-class colonized people they are the same boot on our neck. It is best to not be dragged into their fight. If these colonizers actually want to make a difference, they can fall in line behind colonized proletariat leadership.

So far, the left-wing of white nationalism has done nothing to further the material interests of colonized people on its own.

White anarchists run from George Floyd protest, Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 30, 2020. (REUTERS)

In fact, all that energy and bail money could be better used in the form of reparations

Choose reparations instead of death 

Under the revolutionary leadership of the colonized proletariat (aka the mass majjority of the planet), we see clearly that these riots are a waste of time and energy. None of these fights center Colonialism as the core contradiction of all of our problems . All that these colonizer “leftists” manage to do is get themselves (or, more likely, us) killed or injured as we have seen multiple times in the past. 

White anarchists of antifa start riot In Quebec City (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jacques Boissinot)

It is high time that these colonizers know their role in history: committing national suicide and paying reparations to poor and working-class colonized folks around the world.

Black Hammer’s 4th Principle of Unity states that only through the leadership of colonized working-class people can Colonialism and all its symptoms be destroyed; this is extremely evident when we look at these clashes between white nationalism where the only thing colonizer “leftists” manage to do is get themselves killed, injured, or charged with high bail!

We suggest they stop putting themselves in danger because Black Hammer puts reparations to good use with our Reparations Corps!

Reparations Corps meets every Sunday, 6pm EST. Sign up to join today! blackhammer.org/reparations

With this wing of the org institutionalizing reparations and skill shares to put to good use for once in the anti-colonial struggle, we will be able to further the development of the self-determination of all colonized people worldwide!

So, for you “anti-fascists” out there, we ask you: will you keep swinging your fists at symptoms, or will you pick up the hammer against the whole system of Colonialism? Will you unite under the leadership of poor and working-class colonized revolutionaries!?

Land Back! 

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