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The Colonized at War: Why We Get No Break.

By Comrade Cheem

Political education, historical and dialectical materialism (fancy terms that just mean analyzing history and our reality scientifically) are invaluable guiding forces for Revolutionaries both in the past and present. These guiding forces have led many towards the path of liberation. With these scientific processes, Colonized Revolutionaries have led our people out of the disgusting swamp that is Colonialism. 

With this knowledge comes the responsibility of serving the masses. That undying, passionate, and never-ending love for the masses is what inevitably forges revolutionaries across the globe. It is what forges each and every Hammer. 

While the parasitic tentacles of colonialism have their grip on every corner of the world, that grip is slowly coming loose as the Colonized poor and working-class continue to fight for their liberation. 

Zapatistas ready to go
Zapatistas fighting the parasitic tentacles of colonialism.

The ecological collapse we are living through, the livelihood of future generations, the past struggles of each of our ancestors, and so much more is at stake. This means failure is not an option. Internalizing our inevitability of victory is a requirement for every revolutionary to succeed and continue the struggle for liberation. 

War as Art

In short, Revolutionaries are at war with the opposing force of Colonialism, but what exactly does war call for? War is an art, but more than that, it is a state of mind. Because revolutionaries have internalized their liberation as the ends that are to be achieved through constant struggle by any means necessary, our enemies tremble at our determination and have internalized their own sick set of ideologies that allow them to make progress on their side of the war. 

With the endless amount of resources stolen from our colonized people worldwide, the empire will, of course, be at ease enjoying their constant vacations and wealth on tropical islands they have enslaved as colonies. Their carefree lives of excess, waste, and emptiness are advertised to the masses as ideal, leading colonized people to sell each other out. To pin the Colonized against one another, all in the name of lusting for the shell of a life that is assimilation into colonialism.

Colonizers and Sellouts Enjoying Stolen Wealth
Colonizers and Sellouts Enjoying Stolen Wealth

War is constant and unrelenting but, most importantly, tactical. Tactics, maneuvering, and strategy play decisive roles in winning our liberation. 

As Sun Tzu said, “All warfare is based on deception.” 

If the poor Colonized working-class continue to work jobs giving away countless hours of their entire life just to increase the wealth of colonizers and sellouts alike, non-stop and year-round, can there really exist a  “break” for revolutionaries?

 We are in constant war with the colonizer as they or their system murder our people every day. What is needed is an undying faith in the Colonized masses along with non-stop revolutionary work. This non-stop revolutionary drive, confidence, and, most importantly, the work will not only forge us into better revolutionaries daily but brings us much closer to achieving liberation for all Colonized people.

The unbreakable unity that has allowed Black Hammer to flourish into a mass organization made up of colonized people worldwide is but one tactic that keeps us on the road to freedom. Internalize this, Hammer; you will not fail. 

The State’s Tactics 

The state underestimates the will and absolute resolve each colonized person has within them. This is not to say that the State is not a dangerous and formidable enemy. However, we know what tactics to expect from the State through analyzing history and past revolutionaries and revolutionary organizations, with a classic example being COINTELPRO. 

Co-IntelPro image

In breeding disunity among revolutionary groups such as the Black Panthers and the masses, the State ultimately won the battle against this revolutionary party. From outright attacks and murder ( the assassinations of Fred Hampton, Walter Rodney, Malcolm X, the list is endless), the State would never forfeit its monopoly on power and dictatorship over our land, lives, labor, and resources without a fight. 

The State utilized a tactic that deceived many at first. This tactic was deception in the form of neocolonial sellouts who pose as new progressive leaders. White power in black, brown, or yellow face that prey on the colonized masses’ hope. 

One of the most prominent and effective neocolonial sellouts, Barack Hussein Obomber, is a perfect and clear example of what a sellout really defines. “Intersectionality” is another tactic of deception used by the State and can be seen currently with the absolute clownery that made up the u.s. election in 2020.

The united snakkkes dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016 under Barack Obomber

Throughout Hot Rebel Summer, Black Hammer led protests until it was time for a change of tactics. The rebellions became too dangerous as the state cracked down on yt leftist’s adventurism running from Colonized lynching to lynching inciting violence in our communities.

This deception tactic has weakened the quench for liberation as we now have the most intersectional empire in history. With a female cop as vice president, a rainbow of cabinet members, and one pedophilic colonizer at the top, the north’s colossus is still unable to conceal its true tactics and motives that we can clearly point out. 

Onward Towards Revolution

In recognizing the undying faith you and your comrades have in the masses, salute yourself for the constant work, effort, tears, sweat, and blood that is summoned forth when you take on this enormous task of revolution. 

Your struggles are not unseen but instead are recognized by the masses more each day and by your comrades as you continue to build cadre in your communities. 

Hammers In Yo Hood taking care of the people and building cadre in our communities
Hammers In Yo Hood taking care of the people and building cadre in our communities.

With every action item, piece of PPE passed out, family helped, community members contacted, we continue to struggle our way through to the end goal of dictatorship over our lives, labor, land, and resources. 

With our discipline in following the 4 Principles of Unity, we can say to all Colonized people; REVOLUTION IS HERE. The endless suffering that has plagued the Colonized poor working-class will crumble brick by brick as we take the material steps to bring about liberation. Guiding our people towards true freedom and not the slavery of the amerikkkan dream. 

Join Black Hammer today and be a part of smashing the colonial system that keeps our people from receiving the break they are due, from receiving the liberation, we are due. We will take back the fruit of our labor and build for ourselves a world where no one lives at the expense of another.

Land Back.

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