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Antifa Colorado wishes nazis on Black and Brown People in the Hood

By Chief Mase

Denver, Colorado — On Dec 22nd, Antifa Colorado Springs let out a string of attacks against our organization and Commander-in-Chief, Gazi. They even doxxed one of our African and Filipino queer revolutionary mothers and her family. They then incited further violence by saying they’d like to see us get attacked by nazis.

One ku klux kommunist tweeting, “nazis going after [Gazi] would be some delightful ouroboros shit,” These cowards have since taken down the tweet, but this isn’t the first time the yt left has tried to attack anti-colonial revolutionaries, nor is it the first time for them to attack Black Hammer. 

This naked cruelty isn’t new for the yt left. They have doxed our people before, and just like they failed to beat us down then, they will fail once more now because when black and brown people are under attack, we not only respond, we organize as an united front!

Antifa, a disorganized and unpopular movement, doesn’t hold a candle to the principled unity and militancy of colonized working-class people.

Where Antifa willingly starts street fights that they can’t finish, Black Hammer builds a culture of defense. We know as colonized revolutionaries that our communities are our first line of defense.


Antifa’s tactics are clear. They are pretending to be action heroes, if only because it satisfies their short term goals — to “feel” like they are revolutionaries, rather than suburban clowns. Like their grandparents before them, they follow the lynchings of our people to snatch photos for their friends.

But eventually they go back to their suburbs, and once they leave, the state stays put, ready to lynch again. When the state cracks the whip antifa doesn’t stick around to finish their own fight, and the hood is forced to pick up the pieces. We saw this at CHOP, the Red House in Portland, in Kenosha, and in Minneapolis last year alone.   

For too long Antifa has terrorized Colonized people, and now they have threatened a colonized revolutionary mother. If they don’t have a badge, they should get one because they are doing pig work for free. This won’t be tolerated, and we have made our demands clear.

Our Demands.

1. We demand that Colorado Springs antifa offer a written self-criticism for labeling Black Hammer as anti-science, spreading slanderous lies of our organization, our leader, and members, and comparing us to a eugenics movement led by white college women. Antifa will retract their statement that Black Hammer is a cult, and admit that poor and working-class organization and leadership is the means by which all Colonized people will unite for our liberation and destroy Colonialism, Capitalism, and Imperialism.

2. We demand a written self-criticism for going into Colonized communities in adventurist ways and putting Colonized lives at risk at every single moment.

3. We demand a written self-criticism for doxxing a queer African and Filipino mother and putting her family at harm, risking white nationalists and the state potentially coming to her home and attacking them. As well as, $600 in reparations to our Comrade, a Colonized Revolutionary mother, for the security system we installed for their safety, as well as for the labor of full-time security provided by our Defense apparatus to ensure that the family is secure


Black Hammer is a light in the darkness of colonialism that will lead us and the Colonized masses to a world where no one has to live at the expense of another, and it’s time Antifa put some respect on our name.

This is not a negotiation; we don’t negotiate with terrorists. If you are a member of Antifa Colorado, mark your calendars for January 31st. Let’s have a chat after our monthly Covid-19 vigil, where we’ll be collectively healing with our communities. We expect you to pull up, but we won’t hold our breath. We know y’all are scared.  

Antifa ain’t shit

Antifa’s political line goes no deeper than it’s name: they are against fascism. What these colonizer “leftists” don’t admit is that fascism is just the tools of colonialism used against Europeans.

Black Hammer understands that everything wrong in our lives comes from colonialism. The material conditions for black and brown people, the mass majority of the planet, is rooted in colonialism. The only way for colonized people to see freedom in our lifetime is to unite against our oppressors—including left-wing white nationalist Antifa.

Instagram post from @VRYE

Their destruction of dual contending power built by colonized proletariat leadership, their lies saying that Black Hammer is a cult: this is what makes Antifa the left-wing of white nationalism. Antifa is doing the state’s work by trying to divide Colonized Unity and attack our leadership.

We are an anti-colonial revolutionary organization uniting Colonized people for our ultimate liberation. The scientific path to that liberation is through our unity and our leadership.

These attacks by ku klux kommunists and white anarchists will not stand because we have #HammersInYoHood. Though the Hammer destroys, it also builds, and this year Hammers will be in every hood in the World. So, join Black Hammer and be the leader your community needs.

And don’t you worry, colonizers, there is a place for you in the revolution: under the leadership of poor and working-class Colonized people. We have not now, nor will we ever advocate for a race war. We want you to join Black Hammers’ Reparations Corps today and use your skills, labor, and resources to gain back your humanity and further the liberation of all Colonized people!

The poor and working class colonized proletariat over the world are under the boot of white power. Our land has been stolen from us, our resources and our labor is coerced to build for European settlers around the world. 

Only the colonized proletariat can overturn the 600 years of colonialism and all it’s symptomatic offspring. The colonizer’s duty in the revolution is to fall under our leadership. Get on the right side of history!

Land Back.

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