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Colonial-Virus Mutates into New Strain

By Comrade Cheem

While colonizers and sellout politicians continue to push for another bailout, more aid to imperialist countries worldwide, and further deaths of colonized people in the form of waiting nine months for another “stimulus” bill, the colonial virus continues to take lives at a rapid pace. 

The number of deaths in the united snakes alone has already topped 334,000 as of December 30th and increasing. In other words, 1 in every 1,000 persons in amerikkka has died from COVID-19. 

On top of this, a new strain of the colonial virus has appeared with reports of it already having reached the united snakes, specifically Colorado (stolen Diné and Cheyenne land). Other countries took measures and banned travel from the u.k., the origin of the mutation where the virus is reported to be sweeping the old empire at an alarming rate. This new variant is said to be 70% more contagious than the initial strain, which spells out more deaths for colonized people. 

COVID-19 CENTENNIAL, CO - MARCH 27: Colorado Governor Jared Polis during his press conference updating the state's response to the coronavirus outbreak at the Colorado State Emergency Operations Center March 27, 2020. (Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post)
Jared Polis, current governor of Colorado, admitted all the way back in April 2020 that Black and Indigenous people were already more likely to die from COVID-19: March 27, 2020. (Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post)

Such carelessness is a direct result of the bloodthirsty system that is Colonialism. Colonialism and Neocolonialism have allowed for the continued pillaging of “third world” countries, enabling the settler way of life. Xboxes and PS5s are sold to families with precious minerals looted within, malls remain open throughout the holiday season, both feeding the consumerism that capitalism requires to function and the pushing of a rushed vaccine into the veins of colonized folks; these and countless more problems stem from Colonialism. 

If the western imperialist countries took their citizens’ lives seriously, the ICU beds would not be needed. The state continually shows it will put profits over people’s lives every single time. 

Colonialism Is The Virus, Capitalism Its Symptom

Let us take a moment to realize that this whole pandemic was preventable from the start. Not in the sense that technology could have magically made a vaccine day one or that we can ignore zoonotic diseases (diseases from animals) but in the sense of preparation.

For starters, had there been proper supplies and warehouses to hold PPE needed for medical workers to continue their round-the-clock work in the event of a global pandemic instead of having to wear trash bags. Through democratic centralism, The mass-scale production of PPE for the general public could have followed as soon as news of the virus was heard. 

Colonialism treats frontline healthcare workers like trash
Colonialism treats front-line healthcare workers like trash

For a lockdown to be successful, there has to be a period of slowed economic activity followed by material support from the government. In other words, we needed to stay at home while still being paid. If we look at Colonized nations like Vietnam, Cuba, China, Venezuela, the DPRK, who had success protecting their people from this pandemic, they accomplished this by these means. 

To break it down even further, it costs money to have a warehouse full of supplies that won’t be used for, however, many years until the next pandemic. It costs even more money to ensure that families are fed and safe from the virus. Most importantly, it costs money to take care of people, and we know they aren’t spending money on us. 

Under capitalism, none of these steps make sense because profit over the people is the slogan. From the viewpoint of a sellout or the european colonizer elite, putting the lives of people ahead of profit is unimaginable. 

The Rot From Which Capitalism Is Born

These few simple steps had the capacity to deal with this colonial virus almost entirely, but our settler government is well aware of precisely what was needed. The white power elites and neocolonialists would never let their precious profits come second. In no scenario would they discontinue their pillaging, looting, and destruction of colonized nations worldwide; Colonialism only knows violence, suffering, and destruction. 

As infections rise across amerikkka, deaths are going up too
As infections rise across amerikkka, deaths are going up too

It is the system of Colonialism — a system in which settlers from an alien nation (in this case europeans) have control over our lives, labor, land, and resources — that is at the root of all problems faced by the poor and working-class colonized people. Its parasitic relationship to Colonized Nations enabled europe to steal our people’s wealth. Only to evolve into the settler projects that we know today. 

These settler projects constant lynching of colonized workers who rebelled courageously in their dire situations throughout the illegal birth of the U$ has not stopped. Colonialism is responsible for enabling all of this through its symptoms of imperialism and capitalism. 

Join the fight today and celebrate with Black Hammer as we wrap up all the wins against white power achieved throughout 2020. You better believe there will be more in 2021 cause we got the freedom of the Colonized masses to win. 

Land Back!

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