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Justice for Dolal Idd, the last person u.s. pigs killed in 2020!

By Chief Ali

Minneapolis, MN – On December 30, pigs decided to to finish the year with a bang that ended 23-year-old Dolal Bayle Idd’s life.

The pigs tried very hard to reach their quota of Africans killed each year. In total, there were 981 people killed by pigs in the u.s., and each year pigs kill around this number. The majority of those killed are African, with prisons and police just the latest form of 500 years of slavery and genocide.

Minneapolis was also where George Floyd was killed this past summer, which sparked nationwide uprisings. After months of protests, which devolved into shootouts between the white left and white right, nothing has changed for the poor and working-class African and Colonized people caught between the crossfire.

At a gas station a few blocks away from where George Floyd was murdered, pigs ended up shooting Dolal almost a dozen times, killing him at a “routine” traffic stop. The pigs were wearing body cameras, but as we have seen for years now, this does nothing to end the colonial violence. 

Dolal Idd’s father, Bayle Gelle, identifying his son at the gas station where he was murdered.

After Eric Garner’s death from NYC pigs sparked a nationwide uprising in 2014, liberal colonizers and sellouts decided to pump millions of dollars into body cameras for the police. This, they promised would end “racial bias” from the pigs. In actuality, it just meant that even more money was funded into police budgets and into contracts with tech companies who develop these devices.

After witnessing her family’s decimation, Eric Garner’s daughter ended up dying on December 30, 2017, three years before Dolal would be killed.

The pigs involved in George Floyd’s murder may have been fired, but they have yet to go to court, delaying any action by using COVID as an excuse. So, as COVID is killing more than 3,000 people per day in the u.s., colonizer pigs who kill Africans can walk free.

Colonial media is already starting to twist the narrative, overemphasizing the fact that Dolal had prior convictions. At the same time, they go out of their way to mention that one pig who killed Dolal reportedly signed a letter condemning George Floyd’s killing. Yet, despite this twisted colonial narrative, the fact remains that Dolal is dead, and his killer walks free.

The pigs in yo hood, they ain’t no good!

Black Hammer will always support poor and working class African and colonized people. The fact that Dolal had prior convictions is just more evidence that life in colonial amerikkka is designed to beat us down until we die. The pigs have no right to pass judgement on colonized people.

Black Hammer passes judgement on the pigs!

Commander-in-Chief of Black Hammer, Gazi Kodzo, leads a rally on xmas eve to honor all the people killed from COVID-19.

Things like body cameras, racial sensitivity training, and action movie scuffles with the pigs will never end this cycle of killings, this genocide, this system of colonialism.

Black Hammer is working to serve all poor and working class colonized people. We provide defense classes, and we hold monthly vigils to remember the ones taken from us, whether they be from COVID, or from the pigs. We served a quarter of a million people with PPE in 2020, and we will serve even more in the coming year.

Only anti-colonial unity will give us the strength to end these killings and build a world where colonized people can defend ourselves. Take back your life and build a dictatorship over our lands, labor, and resources!

Land back!

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