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Black Hammer is a Mass Organization of Aspiring Cadre!

By Chief Yuri

The Fourth Principle of Unity of the Black Hammer Organization states:

 We believe that the Colonized Proletariat is the only true proletariat. Only through our leadership can white power, capitalism, colonialism, imperialism and all its symptomatic offspring be smashed.

Understanding this Principle is vital to understanding the development of all Hammers. Colonialism has instilled a poison in our minds as an attempt to sabotage the Colonized Revolutionary Leadership that will usher in the new world. A world where no one lives at the expense of another.

a photo of Thomas Sankara and comrades
Thomas Sankara and comrades

Black Hammer understands the material conditions and relationship to the means of production that the global colonized proletariat face. The hold that colonialism has over the world puts us, the colonized poor and working-class, in a position with nothing to lose. Our people work the fields, the machinery, the roads, the healthcare, and the production of food, clothing, and all other supplies. Yet, we do not have power. 

The colonizer has tricked and killed their way to power. They broke treaties and committed horrible crimes against our nations. They raped our mothers and tortured our fathers. For over half a millennia, colonialism has struggled to maintain this hegemony. We have never submitted willingly or without a fight.

A revolutionary quote from Fred Hampton, of the black Panther Party Chicago Chapter

White power, or colonialism, did not rise to its position unobstructed. Throughout history, our people have organized themselves and fought back against the colonizer’s tyranny and bloodshed. The dedication and discipline of Colonized leadership, the principled unity of so many of our revolutionary ancestors have given us the wins, the theory, and the experience to organize ourselves in this new age of climate catastrophe, and neoliberal fake progressivism. 

Our people have always utilized creativity, unity, and determination to push through the obstacles placed before us. So when the onslaught began, we fought back. To this day, our struggle continues. We will never stop fighting for our liberation. The colonial powers can try to quell the revolt of the masses, but we shall prevail in the end. 

Our unity binds us together. Our organization moves us forward. Our leadership guides the way.

propaganda poster from Chinese Cultural Revolution, 1971
Advance courageously along the great glorious road of Chairman Mao’s ‘7 May Directive’, 1971

We must be vigilant in our own personal struggles. The colonizer has placed reactionary thoughts within us through outright misrepresentation of history and indoctrination. The colonial indoctrination of our minds must be done away with completely. We must stop doubting ourselves. We must never abandon our positions in the revolution. We must kill the colonizer in our heads.

Black Hammer is a mass org, an organization made up of poor and working-class individuals. We ask our members to unite to what they can give to the revolution: four hours a week, fourty hours, an action item, resources. Whatever you can give, we want you to join our organization in advancing our mission: breaking the chains of imperialism and building a sustainable future for all colonized people worldwide.

Despite the nature of our mass org, we unite to the leadership of colonized people in the global anti-colonial struggle. Our fourth principle of unity is not a far away prophecy but a current reality. A reality we must choose to build. We have to be assertive, active, and aggressive in our goal to usher in the sustainable future that our people deserve. 

Revolutionary Cadres are not born leaders. Hammers are forged. In this organization, we hold each other accountable to the will of the masses. We criticize one another to expose and overturn contradictions that are holding back our self-determination. We push our comrades to dedicate their livelihood to their own liberation and the liberation of all colonized people.

Black Panthers armed in solidarity at Government Building
Black Panthers armed in solidarity at Government Building

Often, the colonial indoctrination will cloud our minds, and we find ourselves at a crossroads. Will we choose to give our time to the revolution or give in to individualism?

Not everyone in Black Hammer is cadre. But current material conditions require that everyone aspire to be cadre. Do not let the colonizer in your head make you doubt colonized leadership. Do not let the reactionary you win. Let us forge ourselves into Hammers. So that in every community, every neighborhood, every city, every nation, every continent, a Hammer is working to serve, unite, and lead the people. 

This is not a social club. We are a mass organization of poor and working-class Colonized revolutionaries. If you join and can only dedicate four hours a week to the struggle, then aspire to use those four hours to advance the revolution. Use the time to forge yourself, and continue the work of our ancestors before us. 

The colony demands that you submit. The colony thrives on ignorance and individualism. Do not submit. 

All Hammers should aspire to be cadre. All members of this Org are working towards liberation; all members of this Org are forging themselves to be the revolutionary our people need.

Land back. 

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