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Venezuelan opposition party bows its head to the Poor Working-Class

By Chief Lay

The broke, entrepreneur class of sell-out leaders in Venezuela now see that trying to join the rat race of the rich doesn’t mean anything if the colonizer-in-chief, the u.$., cuts you off from the basic world economy through sanctions.

As anti-colonial, working-class and poor revolutionaries, we see our petite bourgeois siblings trying to join the colonizers as a symptom of the miseducation system. We want to ensure they join the right side of the question.

Opposition leader, Claudio Fermin, head of “Solutions for Venezuela” is attempting to do this by criticizing the global colonial power structure, but his actions deserve closer analysis.

Claudio Fermin, Venezuelan Opposition Leader and former opponent to the late Hugo Chavez.

“From Solutions for Venezuela, we want to protest against this unworthy lie that aims to make believe that foreign actors must permit our will,” says Fermin.

However, far from a stable ally, politicians like Fermin are only recently shying away from supporting venezuelan puppet “president” Juan Guiado. The failure of puppets like Guiado to take power in the country has ultimately made other sellouts look bad, so Fermin’s long term strategy is to give neocolonialism a legitimate face.

Think of Guiado and Fermin as colonized versions of Trump and Biden in the u.s. — two arms of the same parasite: one is an open faced parasite, the other is a subtler, level-headed parasite.

Therefore, it continues to be the colonized, poor and working-class of Venezuela that take the lead in combating the looting of their nation by the european white powers. The Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela (PSUV United Socialist Party of Venezuela) has only gotten stronger against the tactics of white power, and is united with the struggle for a global colonized socialist world.

Bolivarians build with the land and with the people!

Hugo Chavez worked closely with the masses to create the Bolivarian Revolution’s bottom-up objectives and goals. This spirit doesn’t just honor Chavez but keeps the strict bias he had towards the landless poor and working-class of his nation and all other nations around the world. The colonized led communes of Venezuela are uniting to create even more power among the colonized masses. 

Chavez explaining capitalism, one of the symptoms of Colonialism.

“[The Communard Union] brings together popular, grassroots Chavismo,” explains Ángel Prado, spokesman of El Maizal Commune, “part of this Chavista reserve that refuses to leave the country, refuses to kneel before the oligarchy and before reformism.” 

The CLAP program is the primary system of resource distribution in Venezuela. Regular deliveries of the basis of life and its reproduction are made every day. This year they distributed more than 10,000,000 toys to the children of the poor and working colonized masses. 

Why is the u.s. putting sanctions on Venezuela?

The PSUV is not just serving the people. They are working with all anti-colonial nations to meet the needs of the masses! The u.s. wants to see the world bow down to only one nation. That nation is their own slimy settler-colonial nation, with their looted land, slick CEOs, and malicious military, and which spits in the face of all colonized people. The only solution in the face of these colonizers is the collective leadership of all colonized peoples and nations.

Earlier this year, Iran organized an oil shipment for Venezuela’s masses who are struggling under colonial sanctions on trade with Venezuela! The unity of Colonized nations who suffer from trade warfare has been a winning strategy for decades. End all us sanctions!

A worker of the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA waves an Iranian flag as the Iranian-flagged oil tanker Fortune docks at the El Palito refinery in Puerto Cabello, in the northern state of Carabobo, Venezuela, on May 25, 2020. (Photo by AFP via Getty Images)
Iranian oil tanker boards Venezuelan shores (Photo by AFP via Getty Images)

The People’s Republic of China (PRC)  has also been working with Venezuela to build the anti-colonial Bolivarian Revolution! The PRC has demonstrated a profound internationalism as the crumbling u.$. seeks to chip away at the world’s global cooperation with isolation. Only with this type of unconditional aid will all colonized nations be free!

The Cuban Medical Brigades enjoy serving the people of Venezuela, even under the u.s. embargo! A constant show of global solidarity continues to prove the power of Colonized Unity! Dictatorship over our health is of the utmost importance for the selfless Cuban doctors who volunteer their labor to colonized nations who need it the most. 

Build your community, Join Black Hammer

As a member of the Black Hammer Organization, you can build the revolution within yourself and for your people! Serving the colonized masses of the world, uniting people, doing the people’s work, and overturning the many obstacles between your Nation and Liberation, this is the most fulfilling work there is! If you see the contradictions with Venezuela, you can join the Revolution for your people today! 

Chief Rico of the Western Region staying in contact with the community.

United, poor and working class colonized people can win back everything that was stolen! 

Build your community with free workouts and political education, serve the people with PPE, food, and clothes, and defend our nations and people from being looted! The only place for colonizers in this revolution is under our leadership, giving us our land, labor, and resources back through reparations. They must become accomplices for your colonized liberation!

If you want to see a world without violence from the colonizer or the sellout, a place where when you touch one, you touch all, join in building Hammer City!

We, as Indigenous people of the world, deserve everything back, and all we need is real people’s power, a dictatorship of the colonized working class! 

Land Back! 

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