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Crumbs from our oppressor Won’t Keep Us from Achieving our Liberation

After nine long months of playing with the lives of Colonized people during a pandemic, congress has just now taken steps to move forward with an insulting new stimulus bill that will give a measly $600 check to the subjects of the imperial core. 

The corrupt white power politicians make their real alliances more apparent every day. They lie with corporations and this colonial system that robs our people day-in and day-out. The new bill represents perfectly this allegiance and what little crumbs the neocolonialists are willing to hand out to keep the sleeping giant of Colonized masses content with our exploitation. 

Does money buy the right to a home?
Does money buy the right to a home?

Colonizer nancy pelosi, being so out of touch from the lives of Colonized masses, determined that these checks were “significant” for the amerikkkan people while owning three properties, Apple stocks, and a vineyard, which all land her with a net worth of $120 million (very likely more). 

In a desperate attempt to save his public image, trump slammed pelosi’s $600, calling for a $2,000 check instead. While the republikkkans have blocked this call for larger checks, congress would never allow such an amount to pass because it would be an admission that the one-time payment of $1,200 was insufficient. 

No amount of money is sufficient to make up for the over 300,000 deaths in the united snakkkes from coronavirus alone or the 500 years of oppression all our people have faced under colonialism. Nor is all the money in the world enough for us to sell out our people. It is only through the destruction of colonialism that our people can truly be free, be liberated. 

An in-depth look into the bill

Besides serving as a slap to the face for colonized people living in the u.s., the new bill uncovers, yet again, the will of the colonizers in power to keep this dying settler project going.

With $500 million in military aid to Israel, another $19 billion for navy aircraft, $33 million for another coup in Venezuela, $44.5 billion will go to weapons programs, including nuclear arms, the list goes on. Without even promising the Colonized working-class an amount of crumbs, the list of aid going towards making sure colonialism lives is staggering but unsurprising.

Another coup for Venezuela
$33,000,000 for another attempt by white power at a coup in Venezuela

This bill promises $300 million for “countering Chinese influence,” a $3 million “democracy fund” for Hong Kong rioters, and even more blatant admissions of imperialist and neocolonial motives. 

In short, amerikkka is once again handing out aid to its neocolonial puppet dictatorships abroad, gearing up for a cold war against the PRC (People’s Republic of China) and outright war against other socialist countries. While at the same time, ensuring the funds going into the military-industrial complex don’t stop.

Funds for Hong Kong Protesters
No less than $3,000,000 for the Hong Kong reactionary protesters

More Disputes Over Lives

Now that we know who this bill is really for, it’s no wonder that the republikkkans want to continue to whine and complain over the increase of checks to u.s. citizens. After signing the bill, trump assured his MAGA followers that the bill would indeed be higher than what the demokkkrats proposed initially, a lie necessary to play on the hopes of those within the u.s.

Whether the amount of money given to Colonized folks is $600 or $2000, it does not change the over 330,000 dead or centuries of oppression done to our people. 

No amount of money can replace the lives lost, the suffering endured, and the pain the Colonized Masses have faced because of this system. 

A Signal of Hope 

December 24th, 2020, Black Hammer chapters across the u.s. held a candlelight vigil to mourn all the lives lost due to COVID-19. Giving out toys, clothing, food, and a safe space for colonized people, we aimed to give our people hope in these trying times and continue to do so the last Sunday of every month!

Cali Hammers After a successful vigil
Cali Hammers After a successful vigil

The white power elites will never give more than crumbs to our people and this bill, which took nine months and 300,000 deaths for another round of “economic relief,” is precisely that, crumbs. As colonized people worldwide, we know that begging our oppressor to stop oppressing us hasn’t worked, and it won’t ever work. So give us our $600 or $2000 in crumbs, our people need it, but we will never be complacent in the oppression of our people. 

Black Hammer knows when it comes down to it, the Colonized Proletariat will liberate our people to ensure their freedom from this parasitic system of colonialism. Everything we do here is in the interests of our people’s liberation. So if you want to overturn the root cause of all Colonized people’s problems, join Black Hammer today and fight the same enemy, our ancestors have fought for the last 500 years-white power colonialism.

Land Back.

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