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What Colonizers aren’t telling YOU about your XBOX and PS5 WILL SHOCK YOU!

As a gamer, I was anxious to see how tech corporations would duke it out when Microsoft and Sony announced their newest competing consoles. In one corner, you have Microsoft’s 9.8 lb black brick, capable of running up to 8k resolution display, and in the other corner, you have Sony’s spaced out ray tracing machine looking like it shoots lasers from the disc drive. However, what these 2 prizefighters have in common is not their power but where they come from. 

What if I told you these machines had blood on their motherboards, coming from armed conflicts that people don’t respawn in? Let’s start at the source.


The colonizers define kkkonflict materials as “natural resources extracted in a conflict zone and sold to perpetuate the fighting.” 

3TG minerals
3TG kkkonflict minerals

Black Hammer recognizes these “conflict materials” for what they are, stolen resources which rightfully belong to the Indigenous people of the land; resources that the colonizer and neocolonial sellout governments EXPLOIT to maintain their oppression over us. This is typical for white power, blaming a rock for creating horizontal violence. As if the conflict was created by nature. As if the resources were not used as political tools to breed violence.

We know it is the colonizer profiting from the demand and extraction of our resources. It is the colonizer and neocolonial sellouts, forcing slave labor upon Colonized people to control these natural resources.

Grab your diamond pickaxes cause we’re about to dive even deeper into this colonial mineshaft.

What do these conflict materials have to do with our consoles from Microsoft and Sony? Much like the game Minecraft, all items consist of materials from a source that creates a product when combined. The essential minerals to create computers, motherboards, and just about any gadget that lights up are Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten and Gold (3TG), and Cobalt. 

Corporations like Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Seagate absolutely need these conflict materials to produce processors and hard drives for computers and other electronic devices like gaming consoles. Without the exploitation of Colonized people and nations, the colonizer wouldn’t have shit, not even things to entertain you like Playstations and Xboxes.

The profits from these devices should be in the hands of the poor and working-class Colonized people who dug them up and the nations these workers belong to. In fact, they should have full dictatorship over what to even do with the resources, or if they want to sell them in the first place.

Leave it up to the colonizer to come up with an “academic” term like “conflict materials” as a way to explain their greed and blood lust.



Where does our friend, 3TG, and its elemental cousin, Cobalt, come from? These elements are found all over the world. That is except for, you guessed it, europe! So, because amerikkka and europe don’t like dealing fairly and equally with Colonized nations, colonizers have no choice but to rob them. Seagate, a major hard drive and tech manufacturer, has been forced to show where they source their materials from, and the proof is crystal clear. Africa, Asia, and South America are rich with these materials that are stolen for colonial profit. 

Some countries, such as The People’s Republic of China (PRC), are in a position to defend themselves against these amerikkkan trolls. Like the so-called “Democratic Republic of Congo”, others are torn up due to the competition over these resources from inside and outside the nation. The european union has created bidding processes to settle conflicts over Colonized land, labor, and resources. This completely disunites Black Hammer’s 1st Principle of Unity, which is that we believe the Colonized Proletariat should have dictatorship over our lives, labor, land, and resources.

Congolese child labor for the colonizers kkkonflict minerals
Congolese children labor for the colonizers kkkonflict minerals

Our family in the Congo has had their land ravaged, their children oppressed, and their blood spilled over corporate greed. All this happens just so a few people can pwn noobs on Call of Duty while our Colonized siblings worldwide experience real-life modern warfare. 

Colonizers have even gone so far as to organize their efforts by saying they are “meeting commitment to being Conflict-Free” through groups like the “EU Conflict Minerals Regulation and Responsible Minerals Initiative”. Of course, this is all just a facade so they can keep the media off their backs and claim tax write-offs by repping their colonial gangs. 


Many of these materials are essential for technology despite their bloody origins. What our people can do to combat this is to join Black Hammer. We gamers may sit in our parents’ basement, but Hammer gamers do so on the forefront of the revolution, using our controllers to t-bag white power. We have even organized events such as a Tekken Tournament to raise funds towards Hammer City, our base of dual contending power to execute that TKO on white power.

The Xbox Series X and the PS5 will be hot sellers this holiday season. Just keep this in mind as you play Minecraft in your hot cellar as children mine and craft your cellular phones and consoles in the jungles and deserts of our stolen land. We must take back our lands and resources. We must build towards a Colonized proletariat dictatorship!

Land back!

donate to build hammer city
Donate to Build Hammer City


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