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State of the space race: China takes the crown

By Black Hammer

After an intense 23-day mission to the moon and back, President Xi Jinping congratulated The People’s Republic of China’s (PRC’s) robotic Chang’e-5 mission on its glorious success. The mission’s return capsule was recovered Wednesday afternoon, December 16th, in inner Mongolia with two kilos of lunar rock samples. These samples are believed to be billions of years younger than samples previously collected from missions by the united snakes and the USSR and look to prove theories about the moon having a previously unknown volcanic stage. 

Not only is this a huge breakthrough for lunar science, but a breakthrough for the Chinese National Space Association (CNSA) as well. The PRC is now the third country to collect lunar samples and the first country to do so since 1976–during the space race/pissing contest of the cold war. This mission also marks the first time that the PRC has achieved a takeoff from a celestial body. 

The Chang'e 5 return capsule at its landing site in Inner Mongolia, China
The Chang’e-5 return capsule at its landing site in Inner Mongolia, China, on Dec. 17, 2020. (Image credit: CASC)

The success of this mission completes the third phase of the CNSA’s four-phase Chinese Lunar Exploration Program, with the next step being to set up a robotic research station on the southern pole of the moon. The groundwork has now been laid for missions to closeby asteroids and mars during this decade and manned missions to the moon in the early 2030s. 

Needless to say, the PRC’s space program is booming. This is in stark contrast to the world-famous NASA – the united snakes’ space program – who, in 2020, had its lowest budget since before the cold war. 

China hopes to have a crewed space station by 2022 and eventually send humans to the Moon.

As much as the united snakes try to hide it, the colonialvirus pandemic has tanked the economy. Worsening conditions under colonial capitalism will always see budget cuts hitting arts and science programs first. The state will continue to scramble to allocate resources to other programs that only serve to make Colonized working-class people complacent and dependent on the state to survive – programs such as food stamps and unemployment.  

In contrast to the PRC, it seems that even when the united snakes heavily funds arts and science programs, it is strictly performative. When the amerikkkan space program was at its peak during the 60s and 70s, it served as nothing but a waste of resources. A money vacuum to show their technological superiority over the USSR, Cuba, and other budding socialist nations. 

Dozens of lives were lost during the space boom, doing nothing but putting a show for the rest of the world. The PRC has completely avoided this loss of human life by waiting for their technology to improve and only conducting robotic missions. Even their planned manned missions for the next decade will be some of the most detail-oriented and safe space missions the world has ever seen. Look for the PRC to be the frontrunners in humanities expansion into outerspace. 

When colonized people build true socialism by taking back control over our lives, labor, land, and resources – anything is possible. As the PRC has shown, even exploration into outer space without the aid of colonial white power is possible. Not only this, but the emphasis on protecting human life during these missions will always be of the utmost importance, as a true socialist/communist society does not see its people as replaceable cogs in a machine. 

Black Hammer is building this world. We are taking back our land by building Hammer City, a place free of the colonialvirus, cops, and rent, with no interference from white power. Having hammers in space, obviously, is a vision for the future, but through the use of our collective brilliance and in taking back more and more of our land and resources, it shouldn’t be long before we can conduct our missions into the great unknown that is space. 

Land Back!

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