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#LeadThePeople at your local COVID-19 vigil, join Black Hammer this 24th!

Since the Coronavirus pandemic began more than 9 months ago, the onslaught of death and despair has been staggering. All of us, have at some time or another, come into contact with the chaos imposed by this virus or the violence enforced on us by Colonialism. In the united snakes alone, colonized people are dying at 3 times the national rate. 1 in 5 families are behind on rent and expecting to be evicted by the end of January.

Colonialism has shown the world it’s true face. This wretched system continues to take lives and attack poor and working class colonized people while they’re down, as it has for the last 500 years.

We have been forced to endure death, while the government forces us back to work and out of the safety our homes. We are being given no space to grieve, or to process our collective trauma. People all over the world—especially poor and working class colonized people—need a chance to heal.

So, in honor of the 300,000 people who have died of coronavirus within the united snakes, and the millions around the world affected by this pandemic, Black Hammer is organizing a candlelight vigil on December 24th.

Here are just a few of the locations you can sign up to join right now, and help us bring our people together in these dark times.


North Carolina

New York



Delware (Tristate)





Hammers postering for the vigil at participating businesses.

If you can’t make it in person, we’ve got you covered! The vigils will be covered on facebook live, so make sure to tune in!

We have already seen the power our people can tap into when they get organized, as Black Hammer has distributed food, clothing, and over 250,000 pieces of PPE around the world! Now more than ever we must tap into that power, we must forge unbreakable bonds within our communities in order to see the end of this pandemic and Colonialism itself!

Hammers doing #servethepeople outreach
Hammers out #LeadingThePeople

December has been a month for Black Hammer to show the world what it looks like when you come together to #ServeThePeople. We have given countless colonized people the tools to build a system for themselves outside of this colonial system. the same system that has killed countless numbers of our siblings. Now is the time we give our people something even more powerful: revolutionary unity. 

The losses we’ve suffered are great, but our ability to unite to overcome them is far greater! Join Black Hammer  today, and help us serve the people this Christmas Eve and on! 

Land Back!

donate to build hammer city
Donate to Build Hammer City


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