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What they’re not telling you about these new Covid Vaccines: Part 1

Black Hammer’s Disaster Relief Committee discovered a global vaccine battle between different companies to receive approval from global health administrations. It’s important to notice that these companies have yet to announce that health administrations approve their vaccines. Likewise, there is no cure or ‘correct’ vaccine to choose from. Most companies are trying to sell their vaccines only to benefit from colonial capitalism instead of protecting Colonized people.

According to experts from India,

“Normally, a vaccine can be developed properly with all phases with proper follow-up in terms of efficacy and safety only after a period of 6-7 years. Here the world came up with a vaccine in 6-8 months. The important factor of safety should be considered here.”

Likewise, the percentage of the efficacy of each COVID-19 vaccine changes in different articles. Therefore, we cannot indicate the protection of the vaccines shown below. But we sure as hell can point out the dangers.

Shall we?


Pfizer’s history

Pfizer is known to be a shady company in terms of hiding thier scandals. If you google Pfizer, you are unable to view their history. The first thing you see is their COVID-19 vaccine instead of their crimes. Let us look at their history.

TLDR: they owe billions in lawsuits

Pfizer is a german/amerikkkan company that has faced numerous lawsuits. The most recent one was in 2018, where courts have stated that Pfizer has been involved in illegal marketing and healthcare frauds for a very long time. According to Drugwatch, ‘’Pfizer set a record for the largest health care fraud settlement and the largest criminal fine of any kind with $2.3 billion in 2009’’. This is horrendous. Many people have experienced severe health issues and allergies due to Pfizer administering drugs with serious side effects. Here are some examples of lawsuits against Pfizer: 

Protonix- Many people have sued Pfizer because of the drug Protonix. This drug has caused severe kidney problems that have affected people’s lives permanently. In 2013, Pfizer settled to agree to pay $55 million to pay for their criminal charges. As reported by Drugswatch, they have stated that ‘’the U.S. Department of Justice said Wyeth promoted Protonix for unapproved uses in 2000 and 2001. Pfizer acquired Wyeth in 2009’’. Money will never restore the deaths and the severe health issues colonized people had to endure due to Pfizer’s eugenic administration.

Prempro- Approximately 10,000 women have sued Pfizer for Breast cancer due to Prempro. In 2012, Pfizer settled most of the court claims for more than $1 billion.

Chantix- 3,000 people have sued Pfizer because Chantix affected people’s psychological and emotional health severely. Individuals have suffered continuous suicidal thoughts and extreme psychological differences. In 2013, Pfizer settled the claims by paying $288 million. 

Depo-testosterone- More than 6,000 individuals who have sued Pfizer for Depo-testosterone have stated that they suffered a near-death experience. Individuals have claimed that the testosterone products caused strokes, blood clots, and heart attacks. 

Effexor- In 2013, most of the lawsuit claims were from women who were given this drug during pregnancy have stated that the drug Effexor caused birth complications such as heart defects.

Zoloft- In 2016, like Effexor, there have been lawsuit claims against Zoloft for congenital disabilities.

Eliquis- In 2017, injured patients have claimed and continued to file severe bleeding because of Eliquis.

Pfizer’s vaccine result

Pfizer’s final data analysis gave its vaccine 95% efficacy. The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine uses mRNA technology just like Moderna. After phase 3 analysis and experimenting on 40,000 people ‘worldwide’, the analysis of 94 cases of COVID-19 illness showed more than 90% efficacy. The article says that 42% of the patients in these trials were from diverse ethnic backgrounds, and 41% were aged between 56 and 85, which is also important as Colonized people have been disproportionately affected by the virus. Based on Pfizer’s results from their experimentations on patients, 170 people in the trial fell ill with the disease. Only eight had been given the vaccine, while the other 162 patients were in the placebo group and allowed to fall ill with the deadly virus. 

Pfizer/BionTech recently got the green light in the UK, and the first guinea pigs to take vaccines will be health and social care workers and front-line workers. In other words, the majority will be Colonized people.

Pfizer/BionTech side effects

Ten of the cases in the trials resulted in severe illness, as opposed to mild symptoms, and only one of those had been given the experimental vaccine. There were no serious side effect issues that have been reported, although 2% of people said they suffered a headache and fatigue. These two symptoms occurred in 3.8% and 2% of participants.

After-effects of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine

The health administration has recently approved Pfizer in the US and the UK. However, after patients have received the injection, many have experienced severe allergies and death. Two nurses who have taken the Pfizer vaccine suffered severe allergies. Therefore, Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine will not cure COVID-19.

in other words, please stick to wearing your masks and continue social distancing because COVID-19 is not going anywhere for a while!


Moderna’s history with shady companies

In 2016, the CEO of moderna, stephane bancel, turned to a small company called Acuitas to access delivery technology for his mRNA vision. Acuitas was founded in 2009 by thomas madden, and it is headquartered in vancouver, british columbia. It’s important to note that madden had been involved in a lawsuit with Tekmira Pharmaceuticals, which had merged with a company Madden had worked for and fired him. To settle with the court, Madden got a license for the LNP technology he had helped develop. Bancel decided to get a license for the LNP technology from Acuitas and not Tekmira. Tekmira later changed its name to Arbutus.

In 2016, Arbutus terminated Acuitas’ license to the LNP technology, causing Acuitas to sue Arbutus in british columbia court. Arbutus countersued and stated that Acuitas had no right and were not allowed to sublicense the LNP technology to Moderna. A british columbia judge issued a temporary 2017 injunction (prohibiting an action by a party to a lawsuit until there has been a trial), stopping Acuitas from further sublicensing the LNP technology to Moderna.

A year later, in 2018, Arbutus reached a settlement that Moderna could only use the technology in four vaccines that targeted vaccines that already had been identified. Therefore, although there is not enough information on Moderna’s history on the internet, we should continue to be skeptical of the company’s shady connection with small companies and try to make a vaccine using technology, which could alter a person’s life. Moderna should not have been licensed LNP technology. These companies are aware of their actions, but they are focused on stocks and playing with Colonized people’s lives. 

Moderna’s vaccine results

Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine allegedly has a 94% protection rate. Likewise, Moderna has used novel mRNA (messenger RNA) technology to develop its vaccine, involving the virus’s genetic code rather than any killed or weakened part. What is mRNA? It’s the pieces of genetic code that tell the body how to build specific proteins. This can be quite dangerous because this could change the genetic characteristics in the human body. It can trigger a change in the chromosomes, which can be harmful, and it will depend on the individual’s reaction towards the vaccine. For example, if a person were to have a child, they may or may not have missing chromosomes that will affect their physical or cognitive development. Furthermore, this vaccine is still not approved by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) and European Medicine Agency.  

Pfizer and Moderna have received quite similar results in vaccine efficacy because they have both used mRNA in their vaccine. The trial involved 30,000 people in the US, with half being given two doses of the vaccine, four weeks apart.  Whereas the rest had dummy injections (placebo). According to CNN (2020), None of the 11 people who received the vaccine became severely ill, but 30 of the 185 who received the placebo became severely ill, and one died. The analysis was based on the first 95 to develop Covid-19 symptoms.


Sanofi’s history

Sanofi is a french pharmaceutical company that has been investigated and exposed for manslaughter charges. The drug Valproate (as known as Depakine in france) has killed over four babies where mothers have been prescribed to take the anti-epilepsy drugs. Depakine was found to be a life-threatening drug as it can cause a high risk of congenital disabilities if pregnant mothers have taken the drug. Sanofi denies all the allegations.

According to recent studies, between 2,150 and 4,100 children suffered severe malformations linked to the drug. France’s National Agency for the Safety of Medicines (ANSM) has shown that the drug can cause congenital disabilities. The malformations that have occurred in children are spina bifida, defects of the heart, and genital organs. This doesn’t even touch the investigations as recent as last year of the Sanofi vaccine, Dengvaxia, linked to the deaths of several hundred children in the Philippines.

At a Feb. 21, 2018, Senate hearing in Manila on deaths linked to Sanofi’s dengue vaccine.

Colonizers will continue to use Colonized people like guinea pigs and to produce propaganda to get us to trust them. Do not trust anything or any colonizer who is earning millions of millions of dollars from killing Colonized people and experimenting on them. Have faith in your community and your people because only unity will bring us together to defeat colonialism and imperialism at the end of the day.

Sanofi’s COVID-19 vaccine result

Sanofi failed to produce a COVID-19 vaccine and has delayed it until next year. This is because the older adults who were tested reported a low immune response, and this is due to the insufficient concentration of the antigen (an antigen is a viral protein that primes the immune system to fight the virus). As stated by the Guardian,

”Roger Connor, the president of GSK Vaccines, said the study results were “not as we hoped”. Sanofi/GSK has stated that they will continue to work on their COVID-19 vaccine until they see any improvement or developments with their vaccine. Therefore, there is no information regarding the vaccine’s side effects yet since the experiment is still ongoing. Try not to get your hopes up since they, and many other big drug companies continue killing Colonized women and children worldwide. 

Conclusion: part one

Black Hammer will continue to expose the practices behind these drug companies. Neither Pfizer nor Moderna’s vaccine will cure COVID-19. This pandemic isn’t just going to disappear as easily as the ruling class wants it to. Just because you take the vaccine does not mean you are safe now; these vaccines do not promise anything that will keep you safe from COVID-19. Please stick to wearing your masks and continue social distancing because COVID-19 is here to stay, and it will not disappear for a while. 

Hammers passing out masks in Colorado.

Black Hammer continues to distribute free KN95 masks to Colonized people. Because of the science of organization, we have given out hundreds of thousands of pieces of PPE. This is the testament to the strength of dual contending power!

It’s time we stopped trusting the very institution pumping poison into our bodies to turn a profit, and time to organize our people to freedom! This pandemic will be the death of Colonialism, but colonized people will survive this, and build a new world on top of the ashes of the old!

Land Back!

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