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Commandos, Corona, and Climate Change: Colombian Neo-colonialism

By Chief Lay

The African and Colonized peoples of Colombia and all Caribbean nations have always been caught between great forces of destruction and poverty. From neocolonial, puppet leaders carrying out executions of African and Colonized leaders, the clear-cutting of Indigenous land, the mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic, and the disorganization of disaster relief in the face of extreme hurricanes; all of these symptoms have their root in the colonial, capitalist exploitation of the land and lives of the Colombian people.

Looters call the shots in Colombia.

It’s time to draw the line of friend and foe clearly.  

the settler ivan doodooque patronizes Africans suffering white power looting
the settler ivan doodooque patronizes Africans suffering white power looting

Ivan duque’s presidency has overseen another cycle of european land grabs for the ruthless exploitation of the natural home of Colombia’s many indigenous people. Loggers have been destroying structures that were planted, cultivated, and protected by Colombia’s Indigenous peoples for centuries (page 188)

This colonial disrespect towards the land and peoples must stop.

Native civilizations actually cultivated natural wonders like the Amazon Rainforest to ensure that all people could access food and medicine. This structure has been subject to deadly deforestation at the expense of the physical and spiritual health and wellbeing of Colonized native peoples.

This year has also seen near-daily executions of revolutionary socialist leaders representing the interests of poor and working-class colonized peoples of Colombia. 

In 2020 alone, 286 servants of the colonized people have been murdered by shadowy forces, as reported by Colombia’s neocolonial media. This constant execution of leaders has increased over the last four years since the united movement for land reclamation, socialism, and global cooperation in Colombia, the FARC, signed a peace deal with the Colombian state in 2016. The Colombian state has used the spectacle of a peace agreement to lead their soldiers and neocolonial paramilitaries to carry out the will of Colombia’s land looters.

(CARLOS GARCIA/AFP/Getty Images) paramilitaries upholding white power

It’s not just FARC and other organizations who are condemning the state violence, but the colonized Indigenous people as well. The Misak Indigenous people came out this year to wholly condemn their colonizers’ actions and demanded justice and peace for those who lost their lives. Groups like the FARC, who represent the poor and working-class landless masses of Colombia, have always shown unity with their collective struggle. 

Colonizers Create Catastrophic Outbreaks

Coronavirus infections amongst Colonized African and Indigenous peoples directly result from colonial healthcare’s double standard, which favors settler-colonizers. Over 1,300,000 people have been infected within the borders of Colombia, and the number is rising steadily. 

The parasitic relationship between settlers and Colonized people in Colombia, causing resources to leave Colonized areas, has caused a huge deprivation of life-saving medicine and personal protective equipment to prevent Coronavirus’s spread. This has led to an enormous struggle over the lives of everyday landless Colombians who are neglected by said systems and left to fend for themselves as individuals. 

the masses are in need
the masses are in need

The lack of Amazonian food and medicines due to deforestation makes the system more deadly as the Loggers destroy crucial and abundant resources. This medicine was used by the collective leadership structures of pre-colonial Indigenous nations, ensuring that the fruits of the land and human life were equal in the natural world. 

As Cuba and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) forget the lockdowns earlier this year, they are making Medical Internationalism their first priority! With treatments for various Coronavirus’s symptoms from Cuba and preventative equipment like KN95 masks manufactured in the PRC, the people of Colombia desperately require solutions that involve international cooperation. 

Alongside Internationalism, the Land question of Colombia must be solved with principled collective leadership to solve the contradiction of 1% of the Colombian people (settler land looters) owning more than half of the land. 

Hurricanes hit homes of Colombians.

This Hurricane Season has destroyed millions of colonized working and poor people of Colombia and the whole Caribbean. 31 Atlantic Hurricanes have devastated colonized people’s homes and lives, leaving many stranded or homeless refugees. Two Island departments of Colombia — which have been underdeveloped by their dutch, english, spanish, and portugeuse land looters — San Andres and Providencia, were hit particularly hard.


Providencian man explains the aftermath of a Hurricane.

In response, the USAID system made a $30 million offer to the Colombian nation. Typically colonizer countries use “aid” as a trojan horse of internationalism with neocolonialist looters on the inside. Fundamentally, any “aid” is used to keep colonized nations and people in a cloud of dependency and submission. 

colonial arm USAID discussing Growth in americas Plan Photo: Twitter/@PhotoRalph
colonial arm USAID discussing Growth in americas Plan Photo: Twitter/@PhotoRalph

Poverty, due to colonial-capitalist underdevelopment, has left the people of San Andres and Providencia to use subsistence fishing and agriculture as a base. Colonizer nations encourage Caribbean people to work like mules, smuggling drugs to the united snakkkes to feed their looters’ addictions to millions’ pain and suffering. This has not only created an unsustainable economic system but has also led to the mass imprisonment of the departments Multi-racial African and Raizel peoples.

A proven ally of Colonized Nations, the PRC has extended a great deal of crucial support to the people of San Andres and Providencia. Across the Atlantic, in a trade war with the u.s., and struggling with media attacks, the PRC continues a history of Internationalism and cooperation with Colonized nations. Cuba sends doctors to Guatemala because of its sophisticated Hurricane evacuation system that saves thousands of lives. This system would have been able to prevent the intense destruction in Columbia as well.

The nations of colonized poor and working-class people need the world back. That dictatorship to protect and serve the land, sea, air, atmosphere, and build the Revolutionary Struggle for every colonized native person on this earth to be decolonized. The people can build a global power above them to create weatherproof housing, disaster preparation, prevention, protocol, and finally unconditional cooperation between nations as equals; this is what it means for collective colonized leadership to smash all the symptoms of colonialism. 

Black Hammer knows that to get to the root of the contradiction and nothing but the root will solve our colonized peoples’ problems. We demand and plan to solve the Land Question, the Labor question, through struggling for the material and immaterial resources of our labor and lives. Hammer City is a stepping stone for indigenous people of Turtle Island to overturn the contradiction of white power colonialism. 

Land Back!

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