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Instagram & Facebook kick sex workers to the street

Instagram and Facebook’s new “community guidelines” make it clear that sex workers are no longer welcome on Zuckerberg’s plantation. 

The new rules that were announced in November go into effect on December 20, 2020. What changed? A new, even harsher stance toward sex work.

For years, the company has progressively added strict guidelines on what can get you banned or shadowbanned (banning a user in such a way that the user is unaware they are banned). In 2018, recruiting for or selling sex work was banned, but the way these terms were defined also included individuals selling their own nudes.

With the latest changes, escorts and people who sell fetish or domination services are also getting the boot.

Poor and working-class colonized people (“of color”) will be impacted the most by these changes like we are every time Colonialism cracks the whip. While colonial corporations like Playboy can rely on their fame and political connections to dodge these crackdowns, Colonized sex workers need to be especially careful to avoid sharing their contact information, prices, or links to Onlyfans to avoid retaliation. 

Colonizers like Trump and Clinton are big fans of playboy.
Colonizers like Trump and Clinton are big fans of playboy.

Colonized sex workers are forced to navigate around these rules without resources or security because the rules were written to benefit corporations and not our sex worker siblings. 

One workaround is to include a linktree URL in your bio and have the linktree include your onlyfans link. The brilliance of colonized sex workers shines even in the face of evolving oppression!

The cruelty is the point

With Covid-19 infections and unemployment soaring worldwide, poor and working-class colonized people are fighting for their lives. The colonizers at Facebook decided that the start of this cold winter is exactly when they want to kick more sex workers out on the street. The cruelty is the point.

This policy change will end people’s jobs, end their housing, and end their lives. Of course, Facebook is proudly amerikkkan, which means they will happily sacrifice as many African, Indigenous, and colonized people as it takes to keep their “community engagement” – and stock prices – up.

Simultaneously, as Facebook is killing poor colonized sex workers, even the colonizer government is thinking about splitting up Facebook because it’s so rich. The white ruling class is in-fighting because one of their own is hogging too much of the loot!

Pictured: Mark Zuckerberg’s wife selling her pussy to white power
Pictured: Mark Zuckerberg’s wife selling her pussy to white power

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his neocolonial wife, Priscilla Chan, have a net worth of over $100 billion, and when their daughter was born, Zuckerbug wrote his young daughter a letter in which he asks,

“Can our generation eliminate poverty and hunger?
Can we provide everyone with basic healthcare?
Can we build inclusive and welcoming communities?
Can we nurture peaceful and understanding relationships between people of all nations?
Can we truly empower everyone — women, children, underrepresented minorities, immigrants, and the unconnected?”

Mark Zuckerberg, The white man censoring everyone in 2020
Mark Zuckerberg, The white man censoring everyone in 2020

Clearly, those who are invested in colonialism cannot possibly resolve these problems because they don’t understand that Facebook is the problem. Capitalism is the problem, and most of all, colonialism is the problem. 

Colonialism is why we have poverty in our communities, why our rent is so high, why we suffer from sexual violence, and why so many of us are forced to depend on Facebook and Instagram to get work to survive!
Black Hammer has and will always support colonized sex workers because we recognize that all colonized people are equal and because we all deserve dictatorship over our land and resources, as well as our lives and labor. We get free together!

Land Back!

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