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The Cost of Living

By Chief DK

As a kid, all it cost to live was a stick in the mud

Trade a stone for a kiss, a chip for a hug

In the times when fireflies lit the yard like sparkling suns

How priceless it was to once have been young

Although still youthful, 22 now, to be truthful

It’s hard waking up from a dream believed to be beautiful

Or so it seems, too naive to comprehend rent

Bills that become demons, possessing change to be spent

Feeding the Hell of this nation, ran by Devils of debt

No refunds or exchanges, just innocent blood that is shed

Might cost but a dollar for a thirst to be quenched

Wrap a tie ‘round the collar for meals and a bed

Awaiting the ends of these chains to be met

The system demands, “Be peaceful, mouths will be fed!”

Police feed the people; bellies full of lead

See, receipts are deceitful, what is the cost of death?

Reparations do not cover the graves that are left

As a gratuity, or a tip; to never rise against

Enslaving to credit as the only line of defense

Free the folks on minimum wage living check to check

Organize the hope, set on a debt to collect

A liability to be balanced

The price that must be paid

For the cost of living

To fight another day

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