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Online delivery disaster is projected to be even worse this winter

The demand for online shipping is only getting bigger. As stores have been shuttering all across amerikkka, and Colonized people have been dying at three times the rate of whites simply for going to the store, we’ve been forced to buy more and more stuff off of the internet.

Not everyone suffers during a deadly pandemic, which is causing economies all over the world to crash. While colonized people in amerikkka get poorer, major companies like Amazon are buying up so much additional warehouse space to handle online orders that certain real estate moguls recorded their best year ever. 

This trend of turning a profit off of colonized people getting sicker and poorer doesn’t just stop with real estate. There is one industry whose products every company on Earth will need if they hope to keep making a profit: the vaccine industry. Now that shady pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer stand to gain billions in profits from government contracts, an entire pipeline is being created around these new vaccines to deliver them as quickly as companies can pump them out despite the many dangers involved.

Companies from FedEx to Delta Airlines, which just months ago recorded a loss of over 5 billion dollars, have money to be made shipping billions of vaccines across the world.

image of empty airline seats

Delivery Disasters

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s vital to point out that these same companies paid to ship this vaccine are the same companies struggling to keep up with the demand for basic services.

According to the people who supply the technology to companies like FedEx, 7.2 million more packages need to be shipped each day this holiday season than the system has the capacity to handle. This means that even basic deliveries are expected to be worse than last year when 24% of people didn’t receive the items they ordered.

On top of mounting pressure to meet the bare minimum, FedEx, UPS, Delta, and others now have to tackle all of the problems standing in the way of shipping BILLIONS of vaccines.

image of a damaged package

1 in 4 people did not receive packages from companies like FedEx and UPS, but now BILLIONS of vaccines are supposed to be delivered safely?!

Black Hammer has the way out.

We’ve already pointed out how these colonial-capitalist vaccine companies seek profits over the lives of colonized people. As revolutionary scientists, we must conclude that if Pfizer is intentionally killing us for a dollar, then the companies it hires will do the same thing.

The risks associated with the vaccine are too great. From testing, to production, to distribution, all the way down to the hospitals, every level of the system promises nothing for poor and working-class colonized people except to use us as lab rats to keep the colonial-capitalist economy from sinking.

The only solution is to build our own system outside of Colonialism, where no one lives at the expense of another. Black Hammer is building that system, passing out over 120,000 pieces of PPE to colonized communities, more than most hospitals could provide.

We have raised nearly $50,000 to build Hammer City, a city without cops, rent, colonizers, or Coronavirus.

Dual contending power means building up a world from the ashes of Colonialism, where poor and working-class colonized people are the ones running everything. We are the foundation that the parasite of Colonialism is built on. Only by wrenching our labor away from the parasite and using it to build up our own dictatorship can we see freedom in our lifetime

Don’t fall for the tricks of your captors! Join Black Hammer!

Land Back!

donate to build hammer city
Donate to Build Hammer City


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