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The Mass Murder of Nigerian Children Pfizer Won’t Tell You About

By Black Hammer Organization

As Covid-19 ravages our communities worldwide because the colonizer values profits over the lives of Colonized people, white power is doing everything they can to shove a rushed, unsafe vaccine into our veins so that they can continue to exploit us for our labor.

All the while, they sit back in their bubble of a life free from the atrocities of this pandemic and the hell that is forced upon us so they can enjoy a life of heaven on earth. History shows us the colonizer has always used us and our people as lab rats for experiments.

This Pfizer vaccine is no different.

ColonialVirus Meme
ColonialVirus Meme

In 1996, the drug manufacturer, Pfizer, did not gain approval from the health administration before testing their new drugs on Nigerian children during the Meningitis epidemic.

It is important to highlight that colonizers have strategically put themselves in positions of ‘power’ such as: in health and social care settings, the injustice system, and many more. They use their power to terrorize and abuse colonized people because they do not see us as human beings but rather lab rats for their experimentation. 

Pfizer wanted to test the protection and efficacy of their new antibiotic, trovafloxacin (Trovan), on Nigerian children. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), they carried out an open-label trial with 200 children; half of the children were given trovafloxacin and half the gold standard treatment for meningitis, ceftriaxone. Five of the children given trovafloxacin died, and six died who were given ceftriaxone. Pfizer announced that altogether 15000 people died during the epidemic.

Pfizer calls it an accident, but this is undoubtedly blatant murder of colonized people. 

chemical structure of trovafloxacin

Needless to say, this is extremely unethical; they did not inform or get consent from the parents to perform these experiments, and the families were not warned about the side effects of Trovan, which studies have shown that causes joint damage. The drug’s license was even withdrawn in Europe because of liver toxicity and some deaths.

Furthermore, Pfizer lied about the letter that granted ethical approval from the FDA in 1997. According to the NCBI, Sadiq Wali, the medical director of the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, told the Washington Post that the letter was false, and the hospital had no ethics committee at the time of the study. 

The Trovan drug should have never been used due to its dangerous side effects. Pfizer knew what they were doing to Nigerian children. They were fully aware of the toxicity and the side effects of these drugs. They murdered children, and, as is always the case, they refuse to admit their actions because they are colonizers. 

Fiddausi Abdullahi Madaki, a victim of Pfizer’s 1996 test, sits at her home in Kano (Photo: Reuters)

Colonizers continue to lie about their bloody colonial history and the genocide of colonized people they have caused. Pfizer was, in fact, receiving millions and millions of dollars for their heinous crime. This is blood money. All the money they made has the blood of the Nigerian children they poisoned. 

All colonizers have blood on their hands, and they need to understand that as colonized people, we will not stand back. We will not allow them to treat us like this, as lab rats. 

We may be colonized, but we have strength, courage, knowledge, and leadership from our ancestors who have experienced and witnessed the genocide and terrorism on behalf of colonizers.

We will not stay silent, and we will not bow our heads to colonizers or neo-colonial sell-outs as they try to use our people for yet another round of experiments with this unsafe rushed vaccine from white power. Pfizer nor the u.s. aren’t even trying to hide this as the first Covid-19 vaccine in amerikkka was given to an African nurse in Queens. 

Nurse in Queens is 1st New Yorker to receive Covid vaccine
gov. cuomo cheering as African nurse is given first round of rushed, unsafe vaccine

We deserve more than poor housing conditions, low paid jobs, struggling check to check to make some colonizer rich, and being used as lab rats by our oppressors.

We deserve reparations and our land back. We deserve a dictatorship of our land, lives, labor, and resources.

This is why we have Black Hammer Organization; to bring liberation and the true taste of freedom to colonized people, for the colonized masses. Our peoples’ health and wellbeing matter. Their existence matters.

Since our existence, Black Hammer has been reaching out to the people, talking to the community, and materially making a difference in the Colonized Masses’ lives.

So don’t allow you or your loved ones to be lab rats for the colonizer, wait for a vaccine that has been tested and approved by Colonized people and nations like Cuba, China, or any other colonized nation that values the health of the people more than profits. Not a corporation with a history of using us as experiments that we know we cannot trust. 

Join Black Hammer today; our strength is in our numbers, and every little thing counts to bring our liberation and land back to the colonized masses.

Land Back. 



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