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Make your Xmas Eve a Day of Remembrance, and #ServeThePeople with Black Hammer Organization

By Chiefs Lay and Mase

Colonialism is always exploiting, oppressing, and making life hell on earth for colonized people, but this winter is set to be even worse. With moratoriums, unemployment programs, and other “social safety nets” expiring, the colonizer is doing everything they can to kick our people when they are down.

This makes the need for unity in our communities even that much more important. We are all we got, and we must organize as a united front around our people’s needs, or colonialism will take us out one by one.  

NC/SC Chapter out for #ServeThePeople Campaign
Hammers out for the #ServeThePeople Campaign

We cannot and must not forget this year of loss where there have been 300,000 deaths in amerikkka alone from Corona Virus and 1.61 million worldwide. Nor can we forget the 500 years of oppression and genocide our people have undergone because of this oppressive system. 

This system hasn’t ever stopped to give a damn about us, so it is Black Hammer’s responsibility  to do just that. 

All winter we have been out in our communities giving the people what the colonizer refuses through our #ServeThePeople Campaign. 

Black Hammer is out here internationally building dual contending power, which means being able to provide for our people where the state has stepped in to harm us. 

We will also be hosting a Vigil on December 24th in every single one of our chapters to bring people together and give space to our respective communities. 

Christmas Eve Vigil Flyer
Black Hammer Christmas Eve Vigil Flyer

This event will be a space for people worldwide to join in unity for a holiday that isn’t founded in our genocide but in celebration of our strength and resilience to endure this colonial hell. A time for our people to come together as one to grieve this year and the last 500, which we were never able to mourn because we have been forced to fight tooth and nail to survive. 

Our peoples’ health and best interest is always our foremost priority, so our members will provide and enforce rigorous protections from Coronavirus and ensure that everybody will be socially distanced at this vigil, as well as given proper protection. 

Not only will this worldwide gathering be a space for folks to speak their truth, for all to come together as one and grieve the deaths from Coronavirus and colonialism, but also a place where Black Hammer will make sure you are protected at the same time. We will use this moment of unity within our communities to move past the horrors this system has forced us through so that we can build a world where all people are free, and no one lives at the expense of another.

Memorial for Trans deaths in Washington Square Park (@bbuudi)
Community coming together to collectively heal

#ServeThePeople Campaign

Our members all over the world are dedicated to cultivating a “Do It right Now” mindset when it comes to serving our communities.

We have been out in the streets making a material difference in poor and working-class peoples’ lives all month with our #ServeThePeople campaign.

While this colonial government takes more than individuals can give, Black Hammer ensures that our communities are organized to provide long term solutions to short-term problems. 

Hammers #ServingThePeople worldwide
Hammers #ServingThePeople worldwide

From masks, food, and coats, to entertainment, community, and shared values, Black Hammer Organization wants to see our communities safe, healthy, close, and flourishing. 

We know we can because we make it happen!

This year alone, our organization passed out more than 140,000 pieces of PPE. That’s kn95 masks, hand sanitizer, and natural herbs to poor and working colonized people all around the world during this pandemic.

 If our people are in need, Black Hammer is there with a solution, and our #ServeThePeople Campaign shows just that.

As a global organization, we want to create holidays that reflect our values. 

We want to ensure that we live in a world where no one lives at the expense of another—a world where colonized people have dictatorship over their land, lives, labor, and resources. 

Why we deserve a Global Vigil

This Vigil is Black Hammer’s way of ensuring that when tragedy happens, we don’t try to ignore our emotions, making us human. We understand the need of our people to unite as one and mourn the atrocities of the colonizer so that we can heal and move forward with achieving our liberation.

For far too long, people have died unnecessarily at the hands of this colonial system and grieving as a community is a great equalizer of our collective human soul.

Black Hammer Xmas Eve Vigil

Our ancestral homelands have many beautiful and unique holidays that celebrate the land’s natural gifts and the amazing lives we lead with each other. 

These holidays have one thing in common: their role in building our collective human heart for one another. 

This vigil will unite all Colonized people from around the world who, regardless of our location, have been devastated by the loss of a loved one due to Coronavirus. 

This global holiday needs us as much as we need it. 

Memorial for Trans deaths in Washington Square Park (@bbuudi)
People showing the power of collective mourning

We must internalize the inevitability of our victory for liberation, which starts with uniting and taking care of our communities’ needs. 

If you want to be apart of the collective healing of your community, please contact our chiefs of Turtle Island to see what time and where the closest Vigil is to you.

Our western region Chief Rico’s email is [email protected]

Our eastern region Chief Ai’s email is [email protected]

And if you want to be the change in your communities that they need, join Black Hammer today and make the only difference that matters to our people, a material one.

Land Back!  



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