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Goodbye Greta! Gitanjali Rao is the new drug in town

By Chief Tureyel

Last year, in response to widespread fears of Global Warming, TIME magazine gave the world a little dopamine rush in the form of the 16-year-old colonizer, Greta Thunberg. With COVID-19 killing more than 1.5 million people this year alone, along with record-breaking economic downturns, TIME had to up the dosage of dopamine in our brains.

The old high that we received from a 16-year-old white girl just doesn’t hit as hard in 2020, so the colonial media has moved on to someone even younger; a Colonized girl named Gitanjali Rao.

Colonialism continues to go intersectional, but don’t be fooled ya’ll! This award shouldn’t come as a shock because corporations like the media and the tech industry have been grooming Gitanjali to pimp our brains since way back in 2017.

When Gitanjali was just 11-years-old, the company 3M awarded her the “Top Young Scientist” award after working with her to develop a device that detects lead in drinking water.

photo of Gitanjali back in 2017
Gitanjali back in 2017. Photo by Andy King, Discovery Education

It’s no accident that 3M, a company that continues to poison drinking water, hand picked this little Colonized girl for an award—an award which kickstarted her media career with TV interviews, and even her own TED talk. How nice.

Nowhere, however, do any of these interviews ask why cities like Flint and Michigan STILL have lead in their drinking water in the first place! At no time did 3M help this child build a machine that REMOVED lead from drinking water.

side by side comparison of drinking water from Flint, Michigan, versus drinking water from Detroit.
Flint drinking water versus Detroit.

The Colonized people of Flint already know that there’s lead in the god damn water. The Colonized people of Flint know that colonizer Rick Snyder purposely poisoned their water. What Flint needs, what the millions of Colonized people around the world without clean water need, is to have dictatorship over our lands, lives, and resources. Otherwise, Colonialism can just swoop in whenever it feels like poisoning us to turn a quick buck!

While the dopamine sensors in our brains certainly love the idea of a young Colonized child being recognized for her brilliance, Colonialism has a history of using those dopamine sensors against us. That’s why we need to train ourselves to analyze the world, and the media, in a dialectical and materialist (scientific) way.

“How you know if it’s dopamine when you’re not being given dopamine? Well, unfortunately, you can’t just trust if it makes sense or not or even if it’s factual. Why? Well because you guessed it! Dopamine! It alters your reality so you can only base it on who is offering you the device. Check the source. Then once you check the source, the motives should become clearer. Whatever you do don’t take the device for face value …EVER! It’s actually better to ignore the device, interview, article, speech, leader all together! Look behind them and see who is pulling the strings.”

–Gazi Kodzo, Commander and Chief of the Black Hammer Organization

So let’s look behind the device, shall we?

Behind the TIME

TIME Magazine is currently owned by Marc Benioff, who has said that when there is infighting among the pigs running the state, the billionaire white ruling classes should “take the lead on economic and social challenges”. Translation: billionaire Marc Benioff, a pig in a suit, thinks he can run Colonialism better than the pigs in uniform.

Picture of Marc Benioff
Marc Benioff, pictured with Freddy Krueger hat.

According to Marc himself, “When government is unable or unwilling to act, business should not wait.”

What Marc leaves out is that the tech business he founded, Salesforce, takes millions of dollars in contracts from Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the largest agency within the united snakes Department of Homeland Security.

Salesforce, three months after helping CBP hire more pigs.

Benioff had the nerve to boast that his company would donate 1 million dollars to “assist” Indigenous families separated and caged at the u.s./Mexico border after receiving HUNDREDS of millions in contracts from the same colonial government that violently tore those families apart.

The hypocrisy of colonizers like Marc Benioff could not be more apparent; in response to problems they themselves have caused, the white ruling class uses the media to advertise their “progressive” campaigns, while privately continuing to kill poor and working class Colonized people.

Kicking the dopamine habit

I should have said at the beginning of the article that I have no personal gripe against Gitanjali Rao. Colonialism has long used our own psyches against us to confuse Colonized people for as long as it’s existed, and the band aid needed to be ripped off quickly, so that we could see the reality underneath.

The reality is that Colonialism and its media organs will never offer us solutions to the violence they’ve created. They will only ever offer a painkiller — be it in the form of food, drug, or media — to keep you from finally, painfully, ripping out Colonialism by the roots.

From its birth, Colonialism has been isolating kids like Gitanjali from their people, heaping praises onto them, and slowly training them to look down on their own people, to hate them and sell them out for a profit. In a way, Gitanjali is just as much a dopamine-fiend as the Colonized people who celebrate her.

The truth is painful. But the truth will lead us to a victorious anti-colonial revolution in our lifetime, where we can finally have dictatorship over our land, lives, labor, and resources!

Join Black Hammer Organization today! The revolution needs you! 

Land Back! 

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