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The Venezuelan Masses Molly Wap colonialism

By Chief Mase

“Venezuela has a new Assembly. This is a great victory for democracy and the country’s Constitution. Five years ago we recognized the opposition’s triumph, but today it was our turn to win!”—Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela—On Sunday, 12/7/2020, the Venezuelan People’s voice was heard loud and clear as they went to the polls to vote in their parliamentary election. The options were to follow Colonized leadership and uphold Principle of Unity #4, or vote for the neocolonial sellouts trying to maintain colonialism and the genocide of indigenous peoples in Venezuela. 

Our brothers and sisters in the South did not hesitate to come out and show their support for an anti-colonial regime whose focus is the masses rather than the opposition puppets like Juan Guiadó.

After more than 80% of the votes were tallied the election was called for the Great Patriotic Pole(GPP-PSUV), a coalition of leftist organizations who received 67% of the vote.

Venezuelan Parliamentary Election Results

President Nicolas Maduro went on to declare, “Today, the people decided that I should remain in command of our Homeland. They validated the Bolivarian Revolution in peace and through the vote…A change of direction is coming. This must be a cycle of work to recover our economy with sovereignty, independence, and peace,”

Not only was this a victory for Venezuela but for all Colonized nations and peoples because anytime one of us molly wap our oppressor it’s a win for all of us.

Venezuela enforces Biosecurity Protocols in Elections

Venezuelans' voting in 2020 parliamentary elections
Venezuelans’ make their voice heard at the polls

In order to combat Covid-19 while Venezuelans’ went to the polls, the National Electoral Council (CNE) implemented a Strategic Biosafety Plan. CNE President Indira Alfonzo explained that, “Health is our premise …. in these elections, a health audit protects us,” adding that each voting center has its own biosafety space and preventive measures such as the use of alcohol for the disinfection of the pens used to sign the voting books.

And it should be noted that unlike liberals who only care about Colonized peoples health and lives in theory, the Strategic Biosafety Plan enforced by the CNE, not only materially made sure the national elections didn’t spur an outbreak, but it literally saved Venezuelan lives.   

These protocols as well as masks, social distancing, disinfecting oneself before and after voting all were implemented stringently by authorities throughout the entire voting process.

Venezuela and Colonized nations all around the world are leading by example when it comes to navigating the health and safety concerns of their people during this pandemic and this is yet another perfect example of that.

white power Questions the Will of the People  

This election saw 14,400 candidates participate from over 107 different political organizations, and yet just like always, colonial yt power is already trying to question the democratic process of Venezuela just as they do all Colonized nations. 

The sore loser the colonizer is, instead of tucking their tails and running back to their cave dwellings after receiving a molly wappin’, Feds work to try and sow divisions within our Colonized Unity.

Juan Guiado meme (Mum, can you pick me up? My coup didn't work out)
Yt Power Puppet Juan Guiadó

As you can see by their actions RIGHT NOW, the colonial powers use their sellout lackeys like Juan Guiadó and organizations like the Organization of American States to further their desires of oppression. These puppets push their propaganda campaigns around false flag operations and spreading lies of Human Rights violations or sham elections.

These tactics of colonialism are nothing new to Colonized nations, and the Venezuelan people exposed this contradiction and how to overturn it first hand for us; the Colonized Unity. The Unity of Colonized people and nations are coming together as we are in Black Hammer to build dual contending power for ourselves and for our people. 

We don’t need a stamp of approval from the colonizer; our approval comes from the Colonized poor and working-class. That is exactly what the Venezuelan GPP-PSUV coalition got, approval from the Colonized poor and working-class of Venezuela and from Colonized people abroad. 

Colonized peoples, organizations, and nations from all over the world have come together in Unity with the electoral process in Venezuela giving it the only stamp of approval it needs the stamp of the people.

Power to the GPP-PSUV,

Power to Venezuela,


Power to all Colonized People,

Land Back.           



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