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Pinera signs treaty rewriting: Colonized poor and working-class people of Chile Unite against colonization!

By Chief Lay

Chile—The white ruling class of Chile constantly uses new tactics to keep their colonial power in check. Their borders create false factions in Colonized Unity so they can take our resources, dividing the masses with racist illusions, and a sham of a democratic government to hide the looting and destruction of Indigenous peoples’ land.

Over 500 years of white power, the native peoples of the world realize their common struggle is against their colonizers. The Quechua, Mapuche, and African peoples are united in their struggle for land and lives against white power politicians like president pinera. 

Last month the colonizers tried to change the constitution to quell the colonized mass uprisings. This constitution was forced upon the colonized people of so-called chile by the amerikkkan backed war monger pinochet. These colonizers cannot argue about democracy after reagan destroyed the government building, which housed the people’s first democratically elected anticolonial leader Salvador Allende. 

Chilean history 

Chile was never that bitch. A poor whipping class colony of flunky colonizers tried to enrich their motherland by looting the lives and land of Native people and forcing Africans to do the work they couldn’t. The spanish monarchy had to treat chilean leaders like a white mom on welfare. 

The settler-colonizers had their breakup with the hispanic cave-beasts of the mayo homeland in 1817. Bernardo O Higgins, a potatolatto (irish and spanish mutt), fought royal spaniards to make sure settlers could brutalize the colonized masses to build their own wealth without going through their euro daddy’s taxes. This mirrors the rich boy “revolution” of the united snakkkes where colonizers took the Native land by force from their homeland. 

The “Pacification of the Araucanía” in 1883 was a colonizer attack upon Mapuche communities, which looted so much land they were forced onto reservations. By 1930, one-third of these already reduced land claims had been usurped.

Occupation of Araucania
Occupation of Araucania

For centuries colonized, peoples have shared constant attacks on their Native lands, lives, and cultures so the colonizer can be enriched. These colonial looting histories are seen as necessary evils, justifiable goods, or fake news by colonizers. 

The philosophy behind colonizer tactics isn’t important because all of them colonize our asses. The european powers say they are moral and just, and the natives are lazy, evil, or hateful. As Native working and poor people of the world, we must realize that the colonizer’s interests are always against our future and that we are good people. 

We Native working poor people have a power that is unique to all our nations. All our pre-colonial societies used global cooperation and collective work to give the masses power and life! The struggle of Native peoples is linked! When colonizers tricked natives into working under their dictatorship, we lost everything. But still, when natives turned to each other, they were able to form united fronts for their national and global freedoms!

We must see this collective colonized Native struggle of poor and working people for freedom as the scientific path for our freedom from landlessness, poverty, and imprisonment due to wars! We must meet our colonized sisters, siblings, and brothers where they are at and reveal our hidden power before colonization.

VIEWPOINT MAGAZINE Mural by Brigadas Ramona Parra
VIEWPOINT MAGAZINE Mural by Brigadas Ramona Parra

Colonized Peruvians struck due to lack of protection from the Coronavirus and their white ruling class led government which loots resources from their people. This government has not followed anti-colonial peoples/nations’ leadership, which our 4th Principle of Unity states as a requirement. 

Colonized Venezuelans have also risen up against colonizer-capitalists like Guaido, who seek to steal the colonized people’s lands and lives. Fundamentally revolutionary anti-colonialists don’t rely upon great leaders; although they are necessary to an organization, we rely upon the masses! Mass organizations have raised colonized people to the height of collective liberation and freedom.

Mass Party Movement for Socialism (MAS) of Bolivia has taken the needs of colonized poor and working people and made that the basis of political education and their political program! Just like Salvador Allende, they have used democracy as a tool to build anti-colonial power and control the sellouts and colonizers to work for the masses of the people. 

These people’s movements have been destroying the latin amerikkkan european power that has destroyed the land and peoples of Abya Yala. Colonized people from all over the world have united with the struggles for our liberation from the colonizer and so do we at Black Hammer!

Power to the Unity of the Colonized Masses. 

Land Back.



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