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Yes all settlers: why we need to trash liberal feminism

By Chief Brie

Within the Black Hammer Organization, we believe all Colonized Proletariat are equal; no matter gender, sexuality, age, body type, location, religion, language, mental/physical differences and/or bi/multiracial identity. We uphold this principle of unity because white power Colonialism is constantly creating divisive, illegitimate labels to have Colonized people fight amongst ourselves.

Liberal feminism is one of these labels, and it is 100% incompatible with our 2nd principle of unity.

Liberal Feminism tells colonized women and non-men to stop their analysis of oppression short of their gender, and to place gender oppression above everything else. It says that disunity with those who look like their perpetrators is healthy to maintain, supposedly because all men are brought up in the “patriarchy” which binds and harms them.

We, the billions of poor and working class colonized people, have all been indoctrinated into the violent system of colonial, leading to our self-destruction. Colonized men are not a magical exception, and neither are colonized women.

Every colonized man brought up in this diabolical system is just as equally a victim of horizontal violence as he is capable of it. At the same time, all colonized men are capable of unlearning what colonialism has taught them. Colonized men, like all colonized people, are equally responsible for killing the colonizer in their heads. These steps towards unity and re-education through revolutionary action are structured within Black Hammer’s 2nd principle of unity.

Liberal feminism, however, encourages complacency and distrust.  Instead of exposing “toxic masculinity” as a symptom of Colonialism, they choose to mystify where that symptom comes from by saying it’s actually a symptom of Patriarchy (which is just another symptom.) This does nothing but disunite colonized men and women, which is an attack on our ability to be a liberated people.

But this also exposes their true desire: a more comfortable spot within the settler system, with no intentions of dismantling it. It exposes their theory as ahistorical because it assumes that Colonized nations shared europe’s barbaric patterns of subjugation, rape, and domination to gain and keep power of their women. Feminism’s ahistorical analysis of gender acts as a shield for any criticism against colonizer women.

As materialists, we MUST reject that any part of our history begins with european contact, or the experiences of european society.

The western construct of “gender” and colonial social rules would naturally give a false analysis of how patriarchy affects the colonized masses. White women never acknowledge how they have always defined colonized boys and men as more violent, more sexually deviant, then white men. To this day, the old standards of shielding colonizer women are still used to mass murder and arrest African and  colonized men.

Feminism ignores the ongoing violence of white women’s sex tourism, in favor of quick jabs at white men’s societal attitudes. It never questions white women’s role as leaders in Colonial society. It never questions how white women ended up with half the plunder of the Colonized world.

The fact is that male supremacy, which says that all men are are aggressive, violent, logical, and dominant over women, isn’t a global idea. It’s exclusively a european one. In true liberal fashion, Feminism sidesteps accountability of the true issue, colonialism, in favor of a  symptom we were taught by our oppressor.

Anti-colonial analysis sees horizontal violence with a fullness that gives credence to BOTH male and female victims, AND its historical foundatations. It recognizes the material reality—colonized men are the victims of the same violence they participate in; rape, domestic abuse, sexual exploitation, and hypersexualization—and seeks to overturn it. This cannot be done with blanket statements like “all men”, or “not all men”, because the divisions between colonized men and women is a national one, not a biological or cultural one.

Our national divisions need more than words, so that we are materially putting in the work to combat alienation and distrust, which colonialism uses to disunite us and keep us from liberating ourselves. That’s the work we are doing at Black Hammer.


The materialist approach sees that colonial judges and criminal systems overwhelmingly leave domestic and sexual violence victims to fend for themselves. Even “success” in colonial judiciary systems offers no meaningful support after the fact, neither for victims nor perpetrators. 

Materialists create solutions by building power outside the colonial state. Black Hammer has been supporting colonized victims with mental health care, through supplemental support like housing and child care, and most importantly by fighting for the land back so that colonized people can self-determine what accountability looks like for ourselves.

Finally, materialists don’t seek to individually absolve those who were violent in the past, we let the work do that. We seek to overturn the root cause. Revolution is the place we all come to as equals to wipe that violent, colonial muck off our feet. Doing so frees us all from colonial violence and division once and for all!


Rejection of liberal feminist values is also rejection of colonial division: doing so maintains our unity. All of our strength as poor and working class colonized people comes from our unwavering unity against colonialism.

Settler values have always, and continue to uphold sexual assault and gendered violence in our homes and communities. The values that teach colonized men to participate in this violence are the same values that threaten them with isolation and death when they do. These same values that attack colonized men for being macho or hypersaxual are the values that shield and protect colonizers for doing the exact same thing, or worse!

Colonialism sets up conditions of domestic stress via forced nuclear family structures maintained by violence and male domination in the home. It dismisses colonized people’s communal living style, creating this domestic stress. This stress is often expressed as interpersonal violence between adult partners, abandoning of elders, and abuse towards children.

These values tell colonized boys that “being a (european) man” is their duty and that this duty can only be maintained through violence. From TV to radio, men are shown that “being a man” means participating in the colonial system, and ignoring when it affects and harms them. Then Liberal feminism tells them to “hold space” and “check privileges”, without overturning the true contradiction which will halt the cycle of violence.

This immaterial approach only gives colonialism more time to indoctrinate us into more self-harm. We reject this through our unity with colonized men in dismantling this global system once and for all!

Anti-colonial revolution, at its core, removes the colonizer who gave us these values from the equation. It gives us an opportunity to be self-determined materialists in the face of horizontal violence and say “the violence you perpetrated is a result of colonialism” and to condemn that action as uniting with colonialism.

Relying on our third principle of unity gives us the tools to recognize the evils we face with a resolution, and a MULTI-GENDER MULTI-NATIONAL UNITY to combat Colonialism’s grip over us.

Liberation to me isn’t individual freedom from horizontal violence but a chance to end it once and for all. It looks like a world where YES all colonized men can be freed from patriarchal violence, with newfound accountability and permanence that only getting our land back can bring.

Land Back!

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