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India’s working class enraged, fights new anti-farmer laws

By Chief Turey

On November 26th, coinciding with India’s Constitution Day, India’s poor and working-class masses participated in the largest strike in human history. Yet, according to organizers like Tapan Sen of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions, this massive show of unity between the colonized people of India is “only the beginning.”

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, India’s economy has plummeted by 23.9%, pushing unemployment up to a staggering 27% in a country of nearly 1.4 billion people. The neocolonial government, led by Prime Sellout, Narendra Modi, responded by attacking progressive labor laws that protected India’s working class, and by rolling out three new anti-worker, anti-farmer laws.

Deli police blockade at Haryana-Delhi border

Over 800 million Indians rely on agriculture to sustain themselves. From these masses of colonized people, 250 million people organized to shut the country down until the government repeals the laws that spell death for the Indian poor and working-class.

Modi’s puppet government has ramped up its repression tactics by setting up police blockades, blasting people with water cannons and tear gas, but the masses are hunkered down for the long-term. Thousands pushed through these blockades, marching towards Delhi, the nation’s capital. Major roadways and bridges are currently being blocked by tractors, trailers, and massive sit-in demonstrations. Protesters have started setting up supply lines for food, fuel, firewood, and medical supplies.

The masses have even started organizing field kitchens to entrench themselves better and enforce their dictatorship over the sellout government.

Protesters form counter blockade in Uttar Pradesh
Protesters form counter blockade in Uttar Pradesh

Civil society groups, academics, and students have also joined the struggle, following the colonized working class’s leadership to protect India’s millions of farmers. The 300+ organizations involved in organizing the strike have been joined by 15 civil society groups such as All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA), All India Progressive Women’s Association (AIPWA), Nation for Farmers, Right to Food Campaign, and several others. These groups have sought the withdrawal of all state crackdowns on the poor and working-class leaders of this historic uprising.

Protesters confront lapdog media.

Much of the reactionary media, however, has sided with the Modi government. Lapdogs like Republic TV have spent the past weeks twisting the protests’ narrative to justify state violence against India’s farmers.

According to these neocolonial news outlets, human history’s largest strike is nothing more than the work of outside agitators. The millions of Indian farmers who have been at the head of these protests are described as “political props”. As if India’s poor and working-class people had no clue how these laws and police crackdowns would affect them.

Republic TV and other media lapdogs dare to demand protesters be peaceful, but at no time are they leveling the same demands at the pigs.

Protesters have taken to surrounding reporters from these puppet media stations to confront them for their lies against the people.

Colonized working-class farmers unite!

“Why were these laws passed at the height of the pandemic when the government had other responsibilities?” asked P. Sainath, founding editor of People’s Archive of Rural India. “They believed that if you smash through these reforms at this time, the workers and farmers would not be in a position to organize against them.”

This widespread rebellion by India’s masses has proven that they will not bow down to the parasites running their government. The dictatorship of poor and working-class colonized people will not be ignored!

Black Hammer stands in unity with the 250 million farmers of India organizing to force their sellout government to bow down to their demands. Only the leadership of the colonized masses of the world can tear down the sellout governments of colonized countries and the colonizers who pay them.

We are the largest force in human history! We will build our own dictatorship for the colonized masses by force!

Land Back!

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