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State of the Rebellion: NoThanks #ReCap

State of the Rebellion Speech: 2020-11-24

By Secretary General Anco

Land Back, comrades! Our families around the world, like us, are tired of the current colonial order. 

Anti-colonial consciousness is growing in Central and South America, Africa, Asia, the Islands of the world, and Australia. The crisis of climate change and land destruction are only cutting away at the colonizer. Despite the endless resource consumption that the colonizer aims to achieve, this goal is in vain. 


Our creator, the earth, is increasingly becoming more hostile to humanity and other life. 

We are currently living through and witnessing the 6th mass extinction event of the planet. 

And it is entirely the fault of a few colonizers and the whipping class that supports hyper extraction of the earth’s resources for cheap goods. 

Within the last 100 years, over 400 species of life have been wiped out, a process that would normally take 10,000 years. 

colonizer hunting elephant
colonizer hunting species of life to extinction

Colonialism, and the monster it created, capitalism, are THE most destructive forces that the planet has seen. This planet has undergone multiple extinctions events, none of which occurred at the speed we are currently witnessing. Even the dinosaurs persisted over 1 million more years after their fateful demise. The trajectory we are on far outpaces 1 million years. Colonialism’s time is running out. 

The more the conditions of the colonial world further decay, we see a dialectical relationship develop between this destructive act and the growing anti-colonial consciousness. 

Humanity as an animal is unique in its ability to interact with nature and to change it. Historically, all of our people recognized this and often tended to the land and even augmented it to higher levels of biodiversity. 

This is evident in the colonizer’s histories of our origins and their descriptions of our realities as heaven. Currently, 80% of the world’s biodiversity is protected by Indigenous peoples, who make up 5% of the world’s global population.

#NoThanks to Genocide meme

What the colonizer calls thanksgiving is the beginning of the mass extinction and the beginning of one of the most devastating genocides, and in return, the most destructive ecological event in history. 

Refuse this holiday. 

Share with your family the knowledge you know of this so-called holiday. Celebrate Indigenous resistance, celebrate African resistance. 

The current virus, COVID-19, is killing our families and our people at alarming rates. Remember, that disease has ALWAYS been a weapon of white people. Make sure your family does not fall into the trap of a holiday that started with a virus that then continued to kill 100,000,000 natives, and this is a low estimate. 

covid death
colonial-virus runs rampant in Amerikkka: credits AP photo

Do not let history repeat itself for another century. As I’ve said, the colonizer has been cutting at its own feet. Now is the time to organize your family, neighbors, friends, and strangers alike to resist colonialism from here on out. Bring them into Black Hammer, show them what building a dual power looks like, and give power to the Colonized masses.

When we, at Black Hammer, say land back, it’s an acknowledgment and a material move. The world’s future depends on giving the land back. We can reconsider our relationship with the land we are on and how we interact with it. Hammer City, a development to getting all of the lands back, will have this centered. 

Hammer City flyer

Our planet needs care, and Hammer City will be a center of regenerating our land and our world. 

Our planet needs a revolution. 

Our planet needs to see the end of colonialism. 

I refuse for our children to grow up with no clean air, water, or land. We must refuse it. We cannot accept this history. We must reject this as our conclusion. This is not the end of history. 

Land Back!



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