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Stewards of Savagery: Colonizers Consume Corpses

By Black Hammer

Bodies of colonized people (people of color) have historically been disrespected, abused, and removed of self-rule. From chattel to wage to carceral slavery, colonized bodies are used as the loot to maintain white power’s fading dominance over colonized lives, labor, land, and resources. For some, it may feel like death is the only escape. 

Not even death can save one from the savagery of the colonizer. 

Victorians eating mummy
Victorians eating mummy

It is no secret that colonialists looted, and continue to loot, pretty much the entirety of the African continent. Included in this are ancient Egyptian tombs where these devils steal not only sacred artifacts but the mummified remains of Egyptian ancestors. Many think these bodies were simply paraded around as exhibits, while both sickening and true – the disrespect did not stop there. 

In a practice they called “medical cannibalism,” peaking in the 16th century and lasting until the mid-19th century, these remains were soaked in an alcohol or vinegar solution to make medicine, or what they called a tincture, that could “cure” various ailments. At times, certain parts of the mummy were ground up and eaten in order to heal a particular part of the body. 

Colonizer gets a headache; naturally, they eat the ground up head of a 5000-year-old Egyptian person. 

Hieroglyph of Anubis, god of death and Other Egyptian gods among people
Hieroglyph of Anubis, god of death and Other Egyptian gods among people

Knowledge of this practice is especially sickening, considering that colonizers weaponize the concept of cannibalism as a means to portray the Arawak and other First Nations people (Indigenous people) as savages. These allegations were used as a means to justify the european’s “civilizing process” of the Indigenous people of Turtle Island, the Antilles, and the Southern Continent. 

Ayitian revolutionary educator Bayyinah Bello put it best in referring to the colonization of the island of Ayiti by Columbus and gang in 1492, 

“If we had 3.5 million cannibals on an island and only a few thousand europeans came, and after 11 years, the cannibals were all dead, and the civilizers were still there… Is there something wrong with this information?” 

Europeans were doing it to their own people and had been for well over 1000 years. This cannibalistic practice dates all the way back to the Roman Empire, where they would drink the blood of slain gladiators as a cure for epilepsy or to simply “absorb their vitality.”

It was like a messed up predecessor to Red Bull. 

Gladiator in arena
Gladiator in arena, right before his blood gets drank

Apparently, this practice had wings because it continued all the way until the early-1900s, with the last recorded instance of a colonizer drinking the blood of a slain prisoner for medicinal purposes in 1908. Though if they really want people to think it stopped there, Jeffrey Dahmer would like a word. 

This might go without saying, but eating, or allowing colonizers to eat, our ancestors’ mummified remains go against the Black Hammer Organization’s first two principles of unity

In viewing death as a part of life and a transition into ancestry, we believe in dictatorship over our lives. We also believe that all colonized people are equal, so no…body will be devalued to the point of being ground up into a placebo drug. 

If you want to help get revenge for our ancestors, who in death, unwillingly had their bodies desecrated to the mouths of the colonizer, join the revolution. Join Black Hammer and fight to overturn white power and gain control over our lives, land, labor, resources, and BODIES. 

Land Back! 

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