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Putting a stop to endless war, Iraq says “NO!” to amerikkka

By Chief Tureyel

Iraq—Following armed resistance by Iraqi freedom fighters in October, u.s. president donald trump has announced a “withdrawal” of pig troops from the Middle East. According to the pentagon, over 3,000 pigs will be pulled out of Afghanistan and Iraq by January 2021. However, this still leaves a total of 5,000 troops left occupying both countries. 

In response to this fake “withdrawal”, Iraqi resistance groups launched a rocket into Baghdad’s heavily occupied “green zone”, coming within just 600 meters of the amerikkkan embassy. The green zone is the name given to the capital’s neocolonial puppet government center, the 10-kilometer square block most heavily occupied by amerikkkan pigs.

Since the Iraq invasion in 2003, the country has been treated as a theater of conflict between the united snakes and Iran, a close ally. The highest point of tension in this proxy war came earlier this year after a u.s. drone bomb assassinated Iranian general and war hero, Qassem Souleimani, on Iraqi soil.

2018-colonized sellouts guarding the entrance to the "green zone" in Baghdad
2018-colonized sellouts guarding the entrance to the “green zone” in Baghdad

A week before the public announcement of the “withdrawal”, secretary of defense, Stephen Miller, in a memo to the pentagon said, “this war isn’t over.”

Poor and working-class colonized people all around the world have exposed amerikkka for what it really is: a blood-sucking leech. While the u.s. has been begging Iraqi resistance leaders to grant the pigs time for “a face-saving withdrawal”, Iraqi rebels have made clear that the colonized masses of Iraq won’t sacrifice their self-determination to keep the amerikkkan parasite alive.

Demands for resistance

Freedom fighters such as Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi have laid out clear demands to the pigs: first, a very clear timeframe for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq should be presented; second, the U.S. must put an end to its military presence in Iraq’s air space, its embassy in Baghdad, and Baghdad’s airport; and third, the U.S. must stop interfering in Iraqi internal affairs.

This list of demands comes almost one year after the Iraqi Parliament’s resolution voted in January to remove all foreign troops from their country — a vote that passed by 170-0. The growing resistance movement and its leaders like al-Kaabi understand that amerikkka only understands the language of force.

Obomba and Pedo Joe discussing how to further exploit Colonized people
Obomba and Pedo Joe discussing how to continue Endless wars

Endless wars

During his presidential campaign in 2016, donald trump lied and said that he would bring an end to the “endless wars” in the Middle East. In the closing months of his first term, his move to pull over 3,000 troops from the region is nothing more than a smokescreen to cover up that lie — the pentagon’s pitiful attempt to save face. The announcement conveniently leaves out the Arab countries, like Syria and Yemen, that are also being occupied by u.s. pigs.

Despite donald’s lies to stop colonial plunder in the region, amerikkka continues to sell billions of dollars worth of weapons to puppet governments in Saudia Arabia, and recently the UAE, to assist in u.s. piracy over the Middle East.

It’s important to remember that all of these conflicts in Syria and Yemen, not to mention Libya and Somalia’s destruction, were invasions put together by Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Syria, wracked by years of imperialist war, about to be hit by punitive united snakkkes sanctions  | CBC News
Syrians say No to amerikkka and its imperialist sanctions

Black Hammer stands with all anti-colonial revolutionaries in Iraq and the Middle East who will accept nothing less than the total removal of colonizers from the region. They realize that the problems within their nation result from colonialism and the neocolonial puppets that run their government. 

Just as we at Black Hammer recognize in our 3rd Principle of UnityWe believe all the problems the colonized face are from colonialism and the submissive neocolonialists that are within our colonized nations.

Poor and working-class colonized people must have total control over their lands, lives, labor, and resources! 

Land Back!

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