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Revolutionary Confidence Saved Me

by Chief Mase

I have been a member of the Black Hammer Organization for quite some time and I have battled with issues of revolutionary confidence which allowed liberalism to seep its way in and corrupt my self-image. This is a contradiction that plagued me long before joining Black Hammer, sadly.

Although I could see the reality of the world around me, that colonized people, our people, were being oppressed by this white power colonial system and needed material help, I allowed for my own individual, subjective insecurities to brew into inaction which led to a deep depression for me. It was only whenever I struggled with my inaction that I was able to pull myself out of the pit of reactionary suicide and understand that it was a lack of confidence that was the cause of my illness.

Hammers Making Material Differences and Building Revolutionary Confidence in our communities

Not just a lack of any confidence but a lack of revolutionary confidence. It was that same revolutionary confidence that pulled me out of that hole and brought me to the greatest family and home I could ever ask for whenever I decided to join Black Hammer.

But it doesn’t stop there comrades. After I joined all that revolutionary confidence seemed to fade away and with it so did my ability to feel like the revolutionary and leader that every single colonized person is. Although I struggled with the contradiction again I am unable to take credit for getting myself out of this one.

This time it was my comrades, every single one of you in this organization, and the Black Hammer’s political line, our 4 Principles of Unity, that saved me from the pit of reactionary suicide. It was the 4th Principle of Unity that was like a rope for me to pull myself out with and you all are the ones who threw it. The 4th Principle of Unity tells us that We, the colonized proletariat, are the true and rightful leadership and that only through our leadership may all colonized people be liberated.

demand justice sign with hammer posters
Hammers building Colonized Unity

You see, the unity we share at Black Hammer is something that transcends this colonial hell, and is rooted in the liberation of all Colonized people. We understand that the blood of Colonized unity is thicker than the water of the womb, and Black Hammer proves that every day. 

And so now, with the help of my comrades and Black Hammer, I know what revolutionary confidence is. Revolutionary confidence is knowing the history of ourselves and our ancestors. The hell we have been through and overcome. Revolutionary confidence is knowing nothing is more important than the liberation of our people and that we can and will do anything to achieve that liberation.

Land Back.

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