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Know Your Worth: The Colonized Proletariat is Rich in Leadership.

by Chief Kola

This yt power colonial system attempts to steal not only our land, labor, and resources but our mental health as well. It is important for us, as the colonized proletariat, to remember that it is only through our leadership that the powers of colonialism will be smashed.

Only through our leadership can our people finally have the liberation our ancestors have fought centuries for. So we must remember our worth and know that the wealth of the colonized proletariat isn’t in our riches but our leadership.

1. Have Confidence and Believe in Yourself

All the skills and prep will be pointless if you don’t build and maintain your revolutionary confidence.  Everything originates in the mind, everything starts as a thought. Doubt is normal and expected, but reword your thoughts. Before a theory is tested and put into practice, it is an idea, a thought. If your theory of yourself, your situation, and your future are of failure, you will practice failure, but when you accept that your lack of confidence is due to your situation under your colonized nation, you can overturn those thoughts and work toward being bold in your beliefs.

2. Remind Yourself of Your Accomplishments

Colonized People for Black Power

Colonizers are oblivious to their “privileges” because they are used to having things handed to them by these colonial governments. That arrogance allows them to brag about what they have accomplished in trophies, medals, certificates, statues, and other relics. Don’t let their false sense of achievement stop you from reminding yourself that you’ve faced bigger monsters and climbed larger mountains. You are mighty.

3. You’re Competing Against Yourself

Liberalism and colonization have lead us to believe that we’re competing against others in a so-called rat race to win at capitalism. Thinking that other people are your competition is all about individualism and tears down the communal path our ancestors paved for us before colonizers ravaged our land. The reality is that perfectionism and liberalism prevent our work from flourishing.

4. When Something is Not Working, Regroup. 

Don’t take failure as the end; revise, edit, and learn. Liberal ideas have also led us into thinking that failure, a guarantee in life, is a terrible fault in ourselves when it’s only the beginning of the creative process. Furthermore, our strength in numbers, and our collective brilliance as revolutionaries will continue to serve our learning process, assuring that everyone is on the same page. Should the need for help arise, comrades can always reach out to each other, and leadership, to resolve the many contradictions we face.

Weekly outreach for Southern Hammers.
Weekly outreach for Southern Hammers

5. Warfare is More than Muscle; it’s Training Your Mind to be Tactful and Strategic.

Our minds, bodies, and mode of thought must be forged to withstand hell and back. This we accomplish with the building up of cadre, community, resources we create for our comrades, and through the collective leadership of colonized people. Every colonized person must remember that the colonizer can not, and will not, liberate us from their oppressive hands.

Every day we must focus on building our mind, body, and soul. We must build strength in each area of our lives of life. We must consider the health of our mind because having a healthy mind helps us create a healthy body and soul. If one of these areas is lacking, the others fall apart. This allows liberalism and negative feelings to seep into our minds, and this impacts our ability to fight in the revolution.

6. Don’t Give Up; Fight Until the End

There is an end. Always think about the end goal and keep in mind that nothing lasts forever, including colonialism and every pain it causes. The regret and pain of starting and not finishing can be heavier than starting, finishing, but taking longer than you expected. Your goal was 12 minutes, will you accept 15 minutes and work to improve, or will you give up and never know until next time? When it comes to our revolutionary work and achieving liberation for our people, accept that 15.

black hammer with comrades holding their fists up
Revolutionary Colonized Leadership

7. Employ Your Strengths and Be Ready for Offense and Defense

Whether you are lacking in offensive measures or defensive measures, our enemies will be ready to exploit that weakness. As revolutionaries, we must be ready for whatever this settler state throws at us. The enemy’s strengths can also be their weakness. No matter how powerful a foe, there will always exist a weakness for us to exploit as well. Stay keen to this point.

Know your opponent, know your weaknesses, and play on your strengths.

If we know how the enemy thinks, we can maximize on their weaknesses and hit them where it hurts most. This is why we look to history and political education; understanding the past, helps us to build in the present. We have much to learn from past revolutionaries and revolutions.

Whatever weakness we may have, our opponent has an aspect to them that is equally, if not more, weak. We can successfully analyze and exploit that weakness. In order to play on our strengths, we organize the colonized proletariat under a collective set of beliefs (our 4 principles of unity), which builds our work. If our strength is in our numbers, you better believe we’re organizing our people to come at yt power colonialism with full force.

As Uncle Ho (Ho Chi Minh) once said,

“You can kill ten of our men for every one we kill of yours. But even at those odds, you will lose and we will win.”

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