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4 ways the Class for Colonizers Creates Accomplices for the Revolution

By Chief Lay

For over 500 years, our ancestors struggled to be free from the colonizers’ total grip on us and our land, and now it is being reversed. 

Black Hammer Organization’s Class for Colonizers educates and organizes colonizers to pay reparations and become accomplices for the revolutionary work that Black Hammer provides for the Colonized working masses. Colonized revolutionaries are the only ones who will be able to overthrow this system of white power, and that’s why white people, colonizers, have to be organized underneath and behind us. 

Class signups for the Class for Colonizers are still open, so if you know any colonizers who would want to be on the right side of history (or if you’re one yourself), join today!
BHO instagram post about colonizer class

Here are Four ways the Class for Colonizers is bringing colonizers under the dictatorship of the colonized masses, bringing in reparations and accomplices at the same time:

  1. The class exposes their real History, the Dictatorship of white power, the sellouts. 

The Class for Colonizers is not batting around the bush when it comes to the history of colonialism. The teachers bring to life precolonial and equal social relations, as well as the successes of anticolonial poor and working people’s revolutionary movements. 

The real history of divide and conquer colonialism is at the root of all colonized people’s problems. The class exposes how colonizers have to oppress the masses of poor and working colonized people using colonialism-capitalism-imperialism.

The class introduces the principles of anti-colonial revolutionary organizing, and how Black Hammer Organization aims to overturn colonialism to build a world where nobody lives at the expense of another.

Make America Pay Reparations
  1. It trains colonizers in anti-colonial action, combating adventurism, and recruiting.

By using criticism and self-criticisms, the colonizers submit to colonized proletarian leadership, so they don’t make colonialism any worse for our people. After throwing the ruling class demokkkrat and republikkkan party system under the bus, we debunk the myth that white people are oppressed under this system.

We smash the illusion of revolutionary europeans by showing their efforts to “reform” this parasitic system, which only continues our suffering!

Europeans cannot and should not get away with any transgression against the colonized masses. In this effort, they are expected to organize the white european masses to make these oppressors more humane and work under our leadership. 

Reparations NOW
Reparations NOW
  1. It criticizes and makes clear that all their resources are ours, all colonizers and puppets are oppressors.

Because we act as a collective of colonized people worldwide, we cannot let the colonizers get away with a single transgression against our dictatorship. We use this sharp criticism to build our leadership over the colonizer masses to build our power and get our resources back for colonized people.

All wealth that colonizers hold is covered in the blood of our people, and the funds for the class go toward the liberation of all colonized people. 

One colonizer who attends the classes said, “I have really internalized that I am a colonizer and that I have to take responsibility for my ancestors and make sure that I am on the right side of the question. I appreciate deeply the ability to genuinely serve the people I have colonized.”

  1. It uses sharp political education to reverse colonial narratives.

Our political education is centralized and organized, which is why we teach in exchange for our resources back. The Class augments the power we can build for our colonized masses with our political education for Colonizers. 

We teach that colonizers are the ones who stole our land in order to create their status, and so to overturn this, the Class for Colonizers will fund the building of Hammer City, a city with no rent, no cops, no coronavirus, and no white people! This is a city for the masses to uplift our colonized masses.

We also teach about the colonial savagery of the white power system and the dirty work of their neocolonial puppets who they create. The Class for Colonizers also funds our self-defense and ensures we can safely educate, organize, and unite the colonized masses! Freeing the mind of the colonized masses is of equal importance as keeping them safe. 

We are fighting a continual battle using Agitation and Propaganda to combat false narratives, uplift our colonized ancestors, expose the colonizers and puppets, and win the colonized masses worldwide! 

Review from one of our colonizer students.


These are the ways that Black Hammer Organization’s Class for Colonizers is taking our land and resources back from colonizers to put an end to colonialism and all its symptomatic offspring once and for all.

Land back!



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