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Revolution is Not A Dream Anymore

By Chief Anco

Land Back comrade

Our struggles that we have been having with our people in the streets and their homes have given us a new development in the nature of our organization. The chapters, regions, and offices are now growing to be a direct contending power with the state. The efforts of recruitment and expanding the ability of the organization has allowed us to create and progress in dramatic and powerful ways. 

One challenge that has proven our ability to organize is addressing mass eviction and houselessness within the organization and surrounding communities. The regions and chapters have taken great effort, research, and organization to address the problems that the economy and virus have made worse. Black Hammer moved to create Hammer Homes. Homes made out of revolutionary power and commitment to overturning the colonial contradiction of houselessness. Black Hammer recognizes that at this point in time, our enemy has out-organized us and, in doing so, has forced our people to be out on the streets. Given this reality, we must out-organize them in doing this to us. We must collectivize our ability to exist. The inevitable collapse of our jobs, food scarcity, and increasing violence materially suggest moving into community and building power there. Our power is found in our ability to create unity and to exercise for the people.

hammers making shirts
Hammers making shirts

The organization has been at the forefront of preventative treatment for our people during this pandemic. Since the virus was explained to be an existential threat to humanity from the socialist states like Cuba, Vietnam, and China, our organization took the warning and studied their materials. Currently, the organization has distributed over 100,000 items of PPE. Face shields, Kn95 masks, traditional medicines, gloves, and sanitizer. Simultaneously, we also propagated that this virus was airborne and can exist in your hair and can be contracted through your eyes. All of this information that the CDC now only addresses, nearly 6 months after Black Hammer. This is the power of the collective. We listened to our elders and their experiences doing the same work. Because of the recruitment efforts on the ground, our mental health office has grown with more mental health personnel to help the revolutionaries in this organization and their families that suffer from colonial oppression. We learned from our elders that we must take care of our minds. All of us here see the brutal reality we are currently living under. It aches in our hearts and manifests in our minds. We must take care of our brains. They are the most complex and profound thing to our knowledge within the universe at this time. Lean into your community, build this with your neighbors, family, and friends. We will need to learn to take care of each other to survive the long struggle ahead of us.

Weekly outreach for Southern Hammers.

I would like to take some time to salute all of you comrades who have been struggling in this rebellion. Because of this struggle, the reaches of liberation and revolution extend farther and farther. We do not go to our people with words, as all of us here understand that we’ve been given words for 600 years. Black Hammer goes to our people listening and bringing back what they ask. This is how we will always move. When we are out there speaking to the people, comrades, do not forget why you are speaking to them. Revolution is not a dream anymore. It is a process that all of you comrades have already begun. Share this fact and prove it to your community. Organize around the problems that your neighborhood is facing. Of course, the task seems daunting, but it is because you are only an individual. You only need to organize others to discover the answer. Collective brilliance is real, and, as anti-colonial revolutionaries, we must use this tool.

To complete building duel power, we rely on our efforts to organize the people directly around us. Always remember, we are not out-numbered. Just out-organized… and that’s only for the time being. This calls for urgency to organize around your own people and those around you. The state apparatus, the courts, military, police are all starting to degrade. But a dying beast always lashes out. Prepare yourselves and communities for anything the colonizers may throw at us.  The ruling class will tantalize our people with crumbs, and we cannot let our people fall into an oh so obvious trap. Bring our people together, and let us organize ourselves and advance against colonialism.  



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