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The Fight Is Not Over And Its Not Looking Good For Biden

By Chief Ali

Philadelphia, amerikkka — Disputed president-elect, Joe Biden is trying to pretend like nothing’s happening. Colonial elections on this stolen land are usually a calm affair of backdoor dealings with colonizers in bipartisan unity. This is just the calm before the storm.

Many governments aren’t acknowledging the win, and those that have, are not acknowledging what’s at stake.

joe biden
Mayor Pete Buttigieg with former Vice President Joe Biden after delivering remarks at Galivants Ferry Stump, SC, Sept. 16, 2019. (Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

Sure it took China a few days to acknowledge Biden, and there are still holdouts like Brazil, Mexico, and Russia who are not acknowledging any president. But most importantly: the u.s. government isn’t acknowledging Biden’s alleged win.

Iran’s leader put it perfectly:

“The situation in the US & what they themselves say about their elections is a spectacle! This is an example of the ugly face of liberal democracy in the US. Regardless of the outcome, one thing is absolutely clear, the definite political, civil, & moral decline of the US regime.” – Ali Khamenei

The election is not even over

When amerikkkan citizens vote in the popular elections, they’re not voting for the president directly; they’re voting for to send either democrat or republican electors to the electoral college. When the electoral college meets in December, these electors will vote for their party’s candidate (usually).

Right now, the majority of states have not certified their results, and most states can take all of November to certify them. There’s a whole month before the electoral college meets on December 14 to officially vote on the president, so things are far from over.


However, Democrats and other liberals are pretending that this is already finished with, and they’re hoping that if they repeat this enough it will become true. In most cases, they’d be right. But in most cases, the amerikkkan president would be “civil” and concede defeat at this point.

This civility of amerikkkan democracy and liberalism was always a lie though. After centuries of colonization, and decades of failed imperialist wars, amerikkka’s not doing so hot.

Even the white whipping class colonizers had enough of corrupt capitalist politician after politician. Now with Trump, amerikkka’s public image is starting to crack, which means that amerikkka, and therefore the colonized world, is at stake.

Demokkkrats vs Republikkkans

As much as liberal democrats would hope that flooding the media with stories of Biden’s success means that Trump would step down, we know, as historical dialectical materialists, that when there’s a huge contradiction like this, it won’t get resolved that easily. 

What most people don’t realize is that the Constitution is on Trump’s side. The Supreme Court is on Trump’s side. And the masses of white whipping class colonizers are also on Trump’s side.

But in the case of a disputed election, if there’s disagreement over the popular vote, then it’s not clear whether democrats or republicans get to select the electors to send to the electoral college. In that case, as has happened several times in the 1800s, the Constitution allows the House of Representatives in Congress to choose the president, and that could be the way that Trump legally keeps the presidency, despite the election.

The Republican Party knows this too, and they’re gearing up for a real fight. Over the week, Trump’s government has been replacing key officials across several agencies with people who will be loyal to him. He placed a loyal climate denier into a national climate agency, and  has replaced senior military officials in the Pentagon.

A few Republican leaders are defecting and acknowledging Biden’s win, but even without them, Trump understands that if he mobilizes his base of whipping class colonizers, he has a good chance to stay in control. On Saturday, November 14, the Million MAGA March will be held in Washington D.C. with many loyal Trump supporters taking to the streets.

riot police and civilians at a protest
Scene outside the White House before Biden is announced as President-Elect

For African, Indigenous, and Colonized people worldwide, there’s hardly a difference between Demokkkrats and Republikkkans. Both have promised to continue to fund amerikkkan pigs, perpetuate colonial looting in Africa, steal Indigenous land, and start wars in places like the middle east, China, and Korea.

It remains to be seen what the Democrat’s reponse will be, but it’s clear Trump is not going out without a fight. The question is, how far will they take it?

The only thing that will bring true decolonial liberation and self determination for poor and working class colonized people is revolutionary organization. So while white power continues to fight amongst themselves, what should our response be?

Land back!



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