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#ReCap: Anticolonialism is the Only Task of the Revolution

by SG Anco

Land back Comrades! It’s evident our strategy continues to work. Commander Gazi and I have currently been on tour visiting all chapters around the world. What we have discovered is a deep passion for revolution and a genuine power forming under the nose of the colonizer. These colonizer elections have put so many other organizations and parties into crises. Many are claiming Joe Biden has won without any strategy put forward on how to move the masses forward! Others are unsure how to navigate and what to make of Donald Trump holding power for at last another 4 years. This is silly. Not Black Hammer tho. Despite the colonizer’s crises bleeding into every sector of life, Black Hammer continues to solidify itself as an international anti-colonial power. Our efforts to defend ourselves from climate change, white power, the state, and anything else that is thrown at us has given us a crystal clear path. We are building our own healthcare systems, defense systems, educations systems… you name it.  It doesn’t matter what form of white power rules over us. Black Hammer will succeed in out organizing them. Watch.

a stucco community with the words build hammer city over it

The Black Hammer Organization is a dialectical materialist organization. We have been studying the developing conditions surrounding the ruling classes split and conflict. Other socialists get their analysis from the colonizer apparatus itself? couldn’t be us. So many of these so-called revolutionaries are dangerously blind to the legal and constitutional power grab Trump is conducting in order to maintain power and continue advancing colonialism in all its brutality. I want to be clear about something, 70 million people voted for “not trump” and 70 million colonizers and sellouts voted for Donald Trump. There is no unity behind the Biden campaign or administration. There is unity of a white nation behind Donald Trump. Black Hammer has been preparing for this moment, we are prepped to defend our project, the masses project. This election and its outcome will not take that from us.

joe biden and trump

I would like to now discuss some of the trash in the road blocking us temporarily from revolution. The demokkkratic party and the non-profit complex. Both sustain each other and exist to smother revolutionary fire from the streets. Let it be known that the demokkkratic party and liberal nonprofits are an enemy and must be confronted. For nearly a decade we have seen neo-colonial puppets get propped up everywhere in OUR movements. From Ferguson to North Dakota. No longer can we let these people infiltrate our communities. They must be exposed and treated as sellouts. Both of these institutions tantalize our communities with prestige and money. hope for their family. But, at the cost of maintaining colonialism. This must be ripped out from our communities and replaced by a revolutionary organization. That sell out you know of? Expose. Do not hold your tongue for the sake of peace, that’s liberal and behavior that comes from the ruling colonizer class. Recognize, that the neo-colonial leader in your hood organizing your people under the banner of ” equality” with the oppressor state are doing the work of the state FOR FREE. Too many false prophets and fake revolutionaries. Kick their ass out of the community. 

Black Hammer at SLC PRotest
Black Hammer leading protest in Salt Lake City

Our goal ahead of us is to UNIFY colonized people under the banner of anti-colonialism. Nothing less. The unity that is being built here will destroy colonialism, white power, and all of its disgusting offspring. Bring the knowledge that you have to your family, to your friends, and to strangers. We have the task of revolution and the clock is ticking. The world is watching and we will not disappoint. 



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