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How To Stay Covid-19 Safe During The Holidays

By BH Disaster Relief Committee

As the Disaster Relief Committee of Black Hammer strives to address the safety issue that is Covid-19, they also work hard to compile real-time weekly reports of how the virus is spreading and how best to protect yourself while it’s at its peak. The pandemic is now worst than ever and The united snakes have hit a record high every single day for the past 4 days, from 100K to 120K to now 126K. Over the past week, the cases have gone up 30% and 19 states have a record-high number of people hospitalized. With the approaching colonizer holidays, colonized people may be using these days to spend time with family/friends so it’s important to protect yourself and your loved ones. Here is how Black Hammers Disaster Relief Committee says to do it best:

Hammers passing our PPE for Disaster Relief

Almost 10 million cases worldwide now, the majority of cases are among colonized people. After recent investigations it’s clear that on top of the system that exploits colonized people during a pandemic, they’re rationing care, deciding who to save and who not to save. Colonized people are being turned away and left to die. The colonial healthcare system told the parents of a 5-year-old child that they were fine and then sent home from the hospital only to die at home hours later in texas. We know that when the colonial holiday hits colonized people will be the ones working in stores and exposed the most. When we will be sick and mislead into the eugenic health system. The underlying message to colonized people is clear: We can’t even seek healthcare if we got covid. 

Discuss the possibility of an online gathering

The risk for colonized people during these times is at an all-time high. If your family has been unable to hold to safe quarantine standards or you have many elderly or immunocompromised people consider planning a virtual gathering! Pick a meeting time, Choose what meals to make, and plan a game or two! You could even schedule time to cook the meal together virtually if you need a certain person’s recipe or you miss the bonding.

Plan Ahead for IRL Gatherings 

Have a meeting with everyone whos attending in advance and see if an outdoor event is possible. Discuss Covid-19 and the precautions you should take as well as what everyone else quarantine guidelines have been. Remember the details like figuring out if anyone has been irresponsible or has had job contradictions. Keep things as small as possible and make sure you everyone attending has PPE and disinfectants. Create a preplanned shopping list to stop unplanned trips and set up a safety station by the door for everyone coming in. Close off personal house areas and keep up air circulation.

Most importantly utilize the infographics linked here and share them with your family and friends. You can help keep them safe by giving them the information to protect themselves. We must protect ourselves from covid, check out the page. 

Black Hammer is working to build Hammer City where we will protect each other from the symptoms of the colonial virus infecting us for centuries. 



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