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Run That Back #ReCap: State of the Rebellion

By Secretary General Anco

Every Tuesday Black Hammer has weekly rallies that strive to get every Hammer member and colonized people as a whole ready and prepared to deal with the corrosive parasite that is Colonization. We prepare everything from informative and ice breaker games to covid-19 safety lessons. However, as dialectical materialists, we recognize that through propaganda colonized people are blinded by the state to the true news. Although we do that here at Black Hammer Times, We are guided every week by our secretary-general who lets us know the major attention points happening in colonized nations everywhere. The main goal the Secretary-General has is to prepare and educate the masses.

weekly rally
Black Hammer hosts our public meetings every single Tuesday, 7pm EST. Join us, and tune into the State of the Hammer address @BlackHammerOrg

State of the Rebellion

This is a speech written by Secretary General Anco on October 27, 2020

The colonized people of the world are achieving victories against colonialism and imperialism daily, Chile and Bolivia, North Dakota, Philidelphia, Colombia… Our struggle against colonialism, your struggle against colonialism is felt. The colony and empire both grow weaker and the world we have rebuilt out of our genocides are beginning to bloom. Our efforts to struggle with and heal our communities is building power.

I’ve seen it in the streets talking to the people. Eyes widen and curiosity sets every time and like all revolutionaries around the world, Black Hammer moved to be with our people at all times. We moved to feed, educate, defend, and love. Our understanding and our moves come directly from the heart of humanity. We will never abandon our people and you will never not see us with them.

hammers passing out PPE

The colonizer election is one week away. This means Black Hammer will continue to be in the community with our people. Regardless of this outcome, we will be there with our people to welcome them to organized and collective POWER. Enough leading our people to be brutalized at protests. Enough treachery from the neocolonial puppets that gave up their soul to white power.

When will these other parties, organizations, when will they move to protect our people? I have given up on this question. Because I have an answer. Black Hammer came fresh with a scientific strategy to build and protect genuine organized power. We take care of our mental health here because we refuse the colonizer in our minds. We learn to defend our right to self-determination in our minds and bodies here because no form of confinement can stop the colonized proletariat, we learn to nurture the earth and we create to uplift 600 years of destruction.

Black Hammer at SLC PRotest
Black Hammer leading protest in Salt Lake City

We protect ourselves and our people so that one day soon we advance forward with a tidal wave of force without the comfort of fear and individualism in our ear. All of us must live to see the day our hard struggle destroys the dark in our minds and in the world. Earn the trust of the masses of people, so wherever you may be, whatever challenge you may encounter, will be crushed with the help of billions behind us. Organize the masses so this same power will step on the neck of colonialism and never let it breathe again. This is what Black Hammer is building around the world.

This is what you are building. 

Land Back

IF you wanna support the long term solution to colonized peoples self determination donate now!



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