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Hammer City Will Live With The Earth Not On It

By Chief Saint

Black Hammer Organization, as revolutionary servants of the people, addresses the short term and long term needs of colonized people. While Black Hammer is working constantly on the short term needs of the people by passing out PPE and the HammersinYourHood Campaign, we still needed to address the long term issue: the parasite that is colonization

Our largest project, Hammer City is the real and true long term solution to colonized people taking back their self-determination. Hammer City will be the first city built entirely on the focus of decolonization and anticolonialism. Materially, this will be shown through the major points of the campaign; no rent, no cops, no colonizers, and no corona risk. 

come to hammer city - no whites

One of the biggest roles Hammer City has is in decolonizing the construction process of building the city. Due to colonization, there is massive global warming, environmental risk, and several extinction risks. Part of decolonization is learning that no person should be living at the expense of another person. We do this by ensuring that every step of the Hammer City building process will be viewed not only through an anti-colonial lens but also through living in harmony with the land as our ancestors have successfully done before. 

map of the world of most to  least toxic

There are several types of pollution that colonial living causes that we are striving to minimize as much as possible. Black Hammer is tackling issues as fast as they arrive in the building process. We plan to address all 7 types of pollution and maintain the basic needs of every Hammer City citizen. 

Land, Noise, and Light pollution


In the process of picking and surveying the land for Hammer City something already taken into account is the process of minimizing land, light, and noise pollution. So much land pollution can be resolved by removing the excess culture that capitalism upholds, but there still is an element of waste to deal with; including what to do with waste and where to put it. In addition to recycling whenever possible, the implementation of composting, bio-diesels, and other experimental waste removal options are being considered, fully eliminating the problem of diverting trash to huge and overfilled landfills. Noise and light pollution will be taken into account heavily in the city planning process. Noise pollution negatively affects the environment and wildlife and has been known to consistently affect animal breeding habits. While light pollution affects plants, it damages our own cycles of life by affecting the natural cycles of the Earth. 

Water, Air, and Radioactive/Chemical Pollution

water bottles filled with dirty water

With topics like Flint, Michigan, and the fires in California, water and air pollution are another topic being addressed. It’s no secret that colonized people bear most of the weight of these issues. So we are making it a point to make water supply safe through addressing the land pollution mentioned above and surveying the land in order to measure the damaging effects of radioactive or chemical pollution. Our water system will be built with the needs of the people in mind and not for profit. We will also ensure that our filtration system will make our drinking water as safe as possible. Air pollution will be solved through the infrastructure of the city. The lack of imports and exports will heavily reduce the carbon footprint. The growing of local foods, the lack of harmful pesticides, and not needing trucks or planes, will all continue to lower that footprint. The meeting of common needs through self-determination will allow people to stop commuting. 

hammers passing out PPE

Overall, Hammer City is going to address every material need of the people on top of addressing every environmental issue that colonizers have been wringing their hands trying to solve. As Colonized people, we know for a fact that the way we lived before colonization honored and in no way harmed Mother Earth. Colonization has brought our earth to the brink of collapse and Hammer city will be the first micronation to start the process of fixing the corrosive and backward nature of colonization.

If you want to help build Hammer City and provide a long-term solution by way of this wonderful project then donate now!

If you’re a colonized person and you wanna help Hammer City reach the masses, join Black Hammer today and let’s get free!




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