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Biden wins the #RaceTo270 What has he done for Colonized people around the globe?

by BHT Staff

The u.s. Presidential Election has finally come to a sweeping end after 4 days of waiting: Associated Press announced that Sleepy Joe won the #RaceTo270 in the amerikkkan presidential election, with 290 electoral college votes to Trump’s 214. News outlets are saying the race is over, and as white power colonialism unites under Biden-Kamala, will Trump leave the white house without a fight?
Pedo Joe Steals Election, Colonialism Claims Victory Again.

Either way, poor and working-class Colonized people will continue to suffer as white power pushes poverty, coronavirus, and war around the globe to loot our communities, land, and resources while building their bank accounts.

Colonized people know that Biden is not our savior. Biden deported us at higher numbers than Trump when he was Obama’s lapdog, bombed our children and hospitals in Syria and Iraq, and sent the pigs to ravage our communities.

Biden was also a key factor in executing the “peace plan.” Plan Colombia was used to attack colonized revolutionaries on the Indigenous land known as Colombia. Biden is a proud leader of destroying colonized nations and people and assures he will do the same for Venezuela

President Elect Sleepy Joe admitting to Imperialism, tweet and video.

Kamala is the perfect example of the submissive neocolonial whose job is to sell out their communities by tricking people into believing that this colonial-capitalist-imperialist system can ever serve the needs of African and Colonized people. It can’t.

Even Kamala’s own father, a Marxist professor, understood that electing Black neocolonial sellouts is a pointless goal:

The American system will and can obviously accept a certain amount of “integration” of blacks into the state apparatus and into the economy at various levels. But those who hold power in this system are not about to, and can never willingly, “preside over” the breakup of the American state.

Image of Kkkopmala: "Intersectional Imperialism is still Imperialism. The Democrats are a capitalist, pro-war party regardless of how diverse their leaders may be."

Trumpers may not let this go without a fight, with white supremacist colonizers threatening to shoot up schools. African, Indigenous, and Colonized people THIS IS NOT OUR FIGHT. No matter who was declared “winner,” colonialism is still winning and will continue until we get organized to take our LAND BACK and get free.

Stay safe and get organized! 

If you’re sick and tired of dying under this system and you know a colonizing pedophile like Dementia Joe and KKKopmala Harris are not gonna change anything…

JOIN Black Hammer if you want to live free. 

Land back!

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