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40k and Counting! the Road to Hammer City

The Black Hammer Organization has raised over $40,000 toward the building of Hammer City where Colonized people can work in harmony with the land and unite with the Indigenous struggle to get their Land Back from the colonizer europeans.

What is Hammer City?

two earthbag houses

Hammer City is a collective project to reclaim the land led by the Indigenous Land Liberators of Turtle Island. It will be free from rent, fascist police, and colonizers of the neoliberal Colonizers amerikkka. Hammer City will be the physical manifestation of Black Hammer Org’s Four Principles of Unity and will get our land back to our people, acre by acre.

Where is Turtle Island?

Turtle Island is the western hemisphere from the top of kkkanada and the bottom of what is known as Chile. “Land Back” unites the landless masses of Colonized Indigenous people on this continent to work in unity with the true people of the land.

Why Hammer City?

The european settler-colonizers have been fighting to make Colonized people perish from coronavirus, landlessness, and pig terror! The Colonizers will fall and we will be able to move forward, unencumbered by the colonial virus to truly take our Land Back! The losses we’ve all experienced at the hands of this white power system requires the leadership of Black Hammer Organization to develop our own power to save ourselves and our land like our ancestors did.

Now colonized nations are rising up! 

From Peru, Azania (South Africa), Korea, Turtle Island, and around the world the Colonized poor and working-class are organizing; demanding their self-governance back, their humanity back and their Land Back.

Hammer City itself unites under the Indigenous peoples’ leadership in organizing a protected liberated zone for colonized people to build farms, natural water sources, holistic healthcare, renewable energy, resilient housing, and nation-building! Colonized people can now unite under this aim, as we have all been at the bottom of a crumbling white power system.

We can regain our power by listening to our colonized siblings, learning about our ancestors, and working for the liberation of all Colonized people!

Hammer City will be a safe haven for Colonized people to live in accordance to how the land was stewarded before colonialism, reclaim their power from the land, and exist where no one lives at the expense of others.

Ways to pay rent? No rent in Hammer City. Political unity and a respect for all Colonized people will let you in! 

Ways to keep safe from Coronavirus? No Coronavirus in Hammer City. We’ve been ahead of the colonial center for disease control’s viral genocide for months. We have built dual contending power with our Disaster Relief program passing out 150,000 pieces of PPE to Colonized people in Nigeria, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and of Turtle Island.

Colonizers, much like COVID-19, have ravaged the masses struggling against pig terror, a crumbling economy, and the looting of our Colonized nations.

Join us today and take back your power!

Land Back!



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