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After 400 years of voting, all I got was more Colonialism

by Comrade Cheem

Since the amerikkkan “civil rights act” 56 years ago, voting has seemed to be the only answer liberals have made to “improve” their white nationalist state, but what has it really done for poor and working-class African, Indigenous, and colonized people?

Elections serve the white colonizers and their sellouts, the neocolonial “people of color”. This is clear since both parties have promised to give more power and resources to the pigs who lynch colonized people with a quota!

Colonial “democracy” on stolen land is a sham. Only Indigenous people have claims to Turtle Island, aka what colonizers call amerikkka! So no matter which colonizer rapist wins the election, use your anger at this injustice to fight colonialism and build a sustainable world for all colonized people.

Did we all forget what Audre Lorde said?

“The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house” 

White power knows that these fake elections aren’t a challenge to their power. They try to fool us by spamming the media with elected officials’ names.

Colonizers are trying to hammer the idea of voting into our heads and to convince us of something even more sinister: liberal democracy, the tool of colonialism throughout the globe which keeps colonized people complacent, thinking another election cycle will finally improve things.

Voting and its direct link to liberalism 

Poor and colonized working people don’t have the time to research these candidates and their nonsense platforms. We’re forced to work constantly as “essential workers” to keep our families alive and to keep this colonial system going throughout the pandemic.

By spamming the names of colonizers like Trump, Pence, and Biden, and the neocolonial sellouts like Kamala or Obama, the colonizer class successfully baits poor and working colonized people into voting for our oppressors!

Trump, Biden, and Obama shaking hands

It is this exact pandering that makes liberalism such a poisonous threat. Revolutionaries like Malcolm X have left us with much to learn especially when it comes to liberalism: 

“The white liberals are more dangerous than the conservatives; they lure the Negro, and as the Negro runs from the growling wolf, he flees into the open jaws of the “smiling” fox. One is the wolf, the other is a fox. No matter what, they’ll both eat you.” 

– Malcolm X

In this case, it is not only the white liberal deceiving the colonized peoples but the neocolonial sellouts (white power in blackface) who deceive more efficiently by using identity politics to seem like they will be radical fighters (spoiler: they won’t).

How voting drains peoples power 

When a colonized person submits to voting that person has been persuaded by liberalism into playing into the colonial system; colonialism requires liberalism. 

Some reformist liberals, like the Bernie and AOC supporters, think they can go against the flow of the status quo through small political changes. In the 400 past years, reformism has never stopped colonialist exploitation anywhere. Everywhere the system finds ways around their weak tactics.

One progressive city councilor candidate on the West Coast is competing against the mentioned neocolonial sellouts. Alex, a progressive attempting to utilize the master’s tools to get free, had her picket signs spammed with her competitors. In a sea of names and weak policies, all the candidates, whether democrat or republican, are the same.

Our ancestors did not face the never-ending attacks of the white colonizer just to have our energy drained by the colonial elections! Votingdid not stop the colonizer during the Dakota Pipeline protests during Obama’s administration and won’t help us get “affordable housing” and it definitely will note get us liberation.

What is to be done?

Regardless of whoever wins, Black Hammer recognizes that the solution lies in the leadership of poor and working-class colonized people, and in their ability to build a dictatorship over their lives, labor, land, and resources so we can have a world which doesn’t depend on colonization to function!

Black Hammer has recently surpassed the 40k mark in funds for Hammer City! The people have spoken and clearly want power over their own lives seeing as it is currently being stolen away from them through elections and constant exploitation. 

If you’re tired of these colonial elections and these fraud candidates, join us and build self-determination for all poor and working-class colonized people. If you can’t join, help fund the revolution by donating to build Hammer City! 

Either way, don’t let this system of colonialism and their rigged elections extinguish your fiery will to revolt against the colonizer! No matter who wins, our goal doesn’t change: revolutionary anticolonial self-determination.

Land back!

map of turtle island with indigenous flags and text saying Revolution

Feature image based on photo by 2C2K Photography



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