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SARS is a continuation of colonial british rule

by Comrade Dawson and Chief Ali

The Nigerian people rose up to say that SARS, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, is a return to colonial british rule and that they need self determination and an end to the exploitation and violence.

The EndSARS protests have had a huge online impact, with one report showing they had 20 times as many impressions as the August explosions in Lebanon.

While Black Hammer knows the root issue of all the problems Nigerians face is colonialism, the international response has obscured this root cause— the system of white power colonialism that has persisted for centuries and exists today as things like NATO and AFRICOM, and the sellout leaders and police forces under its control.

The response from amerikkkan colonizers

“We welcome an immediate investigation into any use of excessive force by members of the security forces,” u.s. secretary of state Mike Pompeo said in a statement, “the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression are essential human rights and core democratic principles.”

Pompeo represents the colonial white power nation that seeks to continue the looting of Africa using extreme force. So while Pompeo talks about peace and free expression, amerikkka’s military organizations like AFRICOM and NATO continue to brutalize the continent. He constantly sows division between China and Africa in order to strengthen colonial dependency on the poisoned well called amerikkka.

The amerikkkan propaganda outlet, the New York Times publishes pieces from boujee Nigerians who say things like “In both the character of the people who purported to represent a civilian leadership and the vestiges of military authoritarianism that remained, we have never known democratic rule.” This shows that colonial leaders are growing frustrated with the leadership of Nigeria, who is allowing these protests to occur. Of course Nigerians haven’t known real leaders, because the ones they have are just  as neocolonial puppets from a history of colonialism.

The response from neocolonials

Neocolonial outlet Al Jazeera claimed that “demonstrators’ demands now appear to have widened to include calls for reforms across the country’s entire police system,” and that protesters demanded an investigation into police abuse.

And the Nigerian army issued a statement they’re “ready to fully support the civil authority in whatever capacity to maintain law and order and deal with any situation decisively.” 

Words like these remind us of times throughout history when European colonizer nations would join hands around the necks of indigenous peoples. Their joint efforts to pillage, control, and maintain a colonial order translates to death and destruction of colonized lands and people. 

At the same time, colonizers in the United Nations, European Union, and non-government organizations like Human Rights Watch hypocritically called for unprincipled “nonviolence” and “peace” in the face of continued neocolonial brutality.

African organizations dedicated to the self-governance of the continent such as Black Alliance for Peace and Pan-African Community Action issued a joint statement pointing out that Nigerian police and military are armed and trained by amerikkka, which means that all the nice words from the military don’t mean anything, unless they turn over their strength and put it in the hands of the poor and working class Nigerians.

The response from the white working whipping class

british parliament

UK parliamentary petition to impose sanctions on the Nigerian government received more than 200,000 signatures within 24 hours. 

The white power overseers are threatening Nigerian puppets with sanctions to encourage a more humane colonialism. Sanctions on Zimbabwe and Sudan have been used to force colonized working people to save the colonizers from a crisis.

The colonized masses of poor and working people who have nothing to gain from white power have proven that through our organization and power we smash the colonial puppets.

Black Hammer’s response

nigeria hammers passing out ppe
Nigeria Hammers passing out PPE

Rather than sit underneath the authority of sellouts who will watch their land and people be murdered for the comfort and benefit of a few, the masses of Africans in Nigeria must unite to free their lives, labor, resources, and land from the control of the neocolonial leaders, police, and military

Under colonialism and capitalism, colonized and people are the loot. But by taking our labor, lives, land, and resources under our direct control we can provide for ourselves and create the conditions for our collective liberation!

George Jackson’s Blood in My Eye describes the liberatory strategy of a revolutionary workers commune: “The implementation of this new social, political and economic program will feed and comfort all the people on at least a subsistence level, and force the ‘owners’ of the enemy bourgeois culture either to tie their whole fortunes to the communes and the people or to leave the land, the tools, and the market behind.”

Black Hammer Organization is organizing with Nigerian revolutionaries to build a Hammer City in Nigeria and direct African labor to their own liberation instead of the sellout system of puppets. Hammer City returns the control of land to the poor and working class people.

Donate to $BHInternational to support our African Hammers in their fight to build self-determination and a nation where no one lives at the expense of another!

Black Power!

Land Back!



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